PNM Moving Massive Transformer Through Rio Rancho

The local electric utility in Rio Rancho, NM is scheduled to move a gigantic electrical transformer through the city.

The transformer will be hauled by a massive, specialized truck that has 174 wheels on 24 axles and is the length of a football field, or about 300 feet. It is expected to take 8 to 10 hours for the truck to move the transformer about 12 miles from railroad tracks in Bernalillo, through Bernalillo and Rio Rancho, to the switching station currently under construction northwest of Rio Rancho.

It’s supposed to travel from the railroad in Bernallio, up 550 to 528, then from 528 to Northern Avenue to where the pavement ends. This isn’t far from my house.

It was originally schedule for Sunday however PNM doesn’t have all the road permits so it will sit on the truck until it’s moved. Hopefully I can find out when it’s been rescheduled to move so I can get some video of the event.

Update: from PNM

All permits have been secured. The transformer will be moved through Bernalillo and Rio Rancho beginning shortly after midnight on Tuesday, Dec. 22. The move is expected to take 2-3 hours, given the minimal traffic at that time.

I was up for the move but it was too dark to record video with the gear I have.

Update 2: The Associated Press had a few articles on this event. Every single news paper in the country had the same article as the local news and TV stations. I did find a little original reporting.

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