Want To Run For Rio Rancho City Government?

Rio Rancho Fall 2009 Organizational Chart.png

Rio Rancho election packets are available from the City Of Rio Rancho.

Here’s a great opportunity for Rio Ranchoans who think they can do a better job running the city than present elected officials: Candidate packets are now available for the city of Rio Rancho’s March 2, 2010, municipal election.

Those interested in running as a candidate must obtain a packet in person from the city clerk’s office at City Hall and be available for a comprehensive review of the electoral process. Packets can be obtained by appointment or Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Jan. 5, 2010.

Three council seats, the mayor’s post and municipal judge are up for grabs. All terms are four years.

So far, only three people have announced their intentions to run. Tom Swisstack is seeking another term as mayor; Timothy Crum looks to replace Larry Naranjo, who is not seeking re-election, as the District 5 city councilor, and Jeff Hartman wants to be a municipal judge. No word yet on whether James Walker will seek re-election.

I have seriously considered running for an elected office in the City of Rio Rancho. The city council seat I reside in is not up for re-election this year (and the current District 1 councilor has a far better bio than I). Although I cannot find the information on the City of Rio Rancho’s website, I understand that the Mayor is a part time job and pays about $18,000 a year. I have to wonder how one affords to be mayor.

A PDF of the city organization chart is available on the the City Of Rio Rancho’s website.


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