Gilbert Arizona School Official Looses Job Due To SETI@Home


The Arizona Republic has an story about Brad Niesluchowski who worked for the Higley Unified School District and was fired for installing SETI@home, among other things. He appears to be some sort of administrator. There appear to be other charges including stolen equipment and failure to train other staff.

Higley officials so far estimate the damages, energy usage and equipment losses linked to Niesluchowski at $1.2 million to $1.6 million.

Higley officials said the SETI program requires wattage to run, and therefore was an extra burden on computer processors and power usage. They allege several computer processors would burn out sooner than expected, and the SETI program’s operation raised utility costs.

They don’t go into specific on how much extra it cost the school district to run SETI@Home but I have to question if it was really significant amount of power. Perhaps the school district and news site are over emphasizing the use of SETI@Home as part of the excuse to fire fire him.

When SETI@Home first came out, there was a lot of competition and I installed it on every computer I could find. Today I don’t care but I could see how it was its easy to install everywhere.

Update 12/05/09: Berkley’s Eric Korpela releases “FAQ and comments about the Higley School District controversy“. He indicates a lot of bad reporting and I agree.


2 Replies to “Gilbert Arizona School Official Looses Job Due To SETI@Home”

  1. SETI@home is a screen saver, it wastes the same amount of processing power as guess what… a SCREEN SAVER!

    It’s sad to see such ignorance in technology from the same people who are providing an education for children.

  2. I agree. I have not only run SETI for over eight years, I also run Einstein and LHC. It takes no additional resources and I have never lost a processor, for any reason, let alone because BOINC was running. These people are morons and should be glad the admin found a productive use for their computers that helped the scientific community. He better find a lawyer that has a clue or they are going to dunk the witch and see if he drowns.

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