Costco La Crosse Technologies Weather Station WS-2810


Costco has La Crosse Technologies weather center that appears to be the same as the La Crosse Weather Pro Center WS-2810. I couldn’t find any markings on the package at the Costco in Albuquerque other than Costco Specific.

The WS-2810 is has PC compatibility using a wireless USB dongle. I’m interested to know if it’s Mac compatible. La Crosse only supplies PC software but I’m using WeatherTracker by After Ten Software with a similar wired model I picked up last year. This wireless model looks to be improved over the wired model I have now.

Costco’s price was around $80 and the La Crosse website lists the WS-2810 at $249.99. I did not see a simialr model on Amazon’s La Crosse Technology Professional Weather Center page (Update: There are 2810’s on Amazon
, they are not labeled as such are there are currently none available).

The description from La Crosse’s website.

Weather Pro Center:
Wind • Rain • Weather •
PC Software

  • Included PC Interface
  • Wind Chill, Direction and Speed
  • Solar Powered Wind Sensor
  • Rain Data
  • Forecast w/ Tendency
  • IN/OUT Temp
  • IN/OUT Humidity
  • Weather Alarms w/ Storm Warning

Receiver: 4.59" x 0.94" x 7.01"
Thermo-hygro:3.13" x 3.54" x 7.45"
Rain Sensor: 5.18" dia. x 7.19"
Wind Sensor:9.84" x 5.74" x 11.11"

My next option would be the Vantage Vue wireless weather station for about $300 at Amazon which is considerably more expensive.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I was trying to find more info about this unit and your post was the only thing Google found. I’m hoping to get one of these units and I’m hoping to capture data on a Mac, too. It will be interesting to see if the WeatherTracker software works. I do software development (no Mac at the current time) so maybe I could figure out how to get it to work.

    1. The wind sensor appears to have been redesigned with no seam so water penetration should hopefully be a thing of the past. The replacement unit LaCrosse sent me for my old unit has sealing tape over the seam to help reduce water incursion as well as enlarged vent holes in the bottom of the unit.
      Now that my wind sensor is back online I love both units and am happy with the customer service LaCrosse provided to get my out of warranty unit back operational.

  2. I’m new to your site, where is your Home Automation software described? I’m interested in setting something like that up if it was useful and didn’t cost too much.

  3. Can’t help you with the Mac support issue, but I can verify that the model from Costco is indeed the WS2810. If you look to the right if the UPC you’ll see Model No: WS2810U-IT. The Windows software is pretty cool.

  4. I purchased on 2 weeks ago at Costco and paid 79.99. I was shocked to see the msrp at 249.99. I had a little trouble syncing everything together (if all else fails, read the manual) but finally got it going and it works great. I would recommended it to any weather nerd.

  5. Hey guys I got one of them stations and right on the box it says
    (WS 2810U-IT)
    I got it hooked up, I can get the data to come up on my computer, but can’t figure out how to up load it to Weather underground.
    I paid $79.99 at costco in Boise.
    I ask the store manger how they could sell the so cheap, he said they buy them buy the truck load.
    Seems to be working fine, comes with Batterys,still working on getting it to up load.

  6. I also bought one of these from Costco and am happy with it. The wind sensor (solar powered) did not show up immediately but did start working when it had been out in the sun (cloudy) for awhile. The wind sensor does seem to stop communicating after it’s been dark for awhile. The PC software (HeavyWeather) is nice for showing the current settings but very crude when displaying the data in graph form or saving it as a text file. You can only show things with the same units on the same graph or saved to the same file. All the temps can go together (indoor, outdoor, wind chill, dew point) but pressure goes on its own and likewise with wind speed or rain fall. It’s also odd that when you look at a graph for another unit, like wind speed, and go back to the previous graph (“template”) the settings for the previous graph have to be set up again. I think the rev level of the software (1.0) indicates the state of the development.
    I looked around on the net and found the HeavyWeather site where they talk about software for other La Crosse products (older ones?) and they talk about posting to a web site. They said there was a file, currdat.lst, being produced and I found it in Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenusProgramsHeavyWeather and I see that it gets updated (rewritten) every minute. I was thinking about putting together a web service and web app to view this data. Are there existing programs/web sites that could be used to view this data?

  7. The 2810 model is GREAT for the $79.99 Costco price, but they are running out fast since it’s going to be a discontinued seasonal item (checked with a Costco manager).

    HOW do you get it hooked-up to though? THAT is the big question. It says you need to put in the wunderground Station ID (and your signup password) INTO the Lacrosse2810 software…but there doesn’t seem to be a place to do that?

    Has anyone figured out how to do this?


  8. I purchased one of these last week at the Costco in Reno, NV. I was able to get it online at WeatherUnderground. by using WUHU to read the data (currdata.lst do a computer search, it’s in hidden directory c/program data) from Heavyweather. It didn’t work at first, but the software author published a patch to get it working with the 2810

  9. Shawn, thanks man, after tinkering around (for HOURS), I got it.

    For everyone who bought the 2810 Lacrosse model, and has Windows XP, here’s what you do: you use the site that Shawn has given above. Then, once you have the WUHU software downloaded, the “current.Lst” file was found at:
    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Datacurrdat.Lst
    Obviously, the “All Users” part may be a little different, but it syncs up beautifully under the “Docs & Settings” area “currdat.Lst” file! Good luck everyone.

  10. Hi i have this and i have everything set up and in WUHU i get this error :/

    Mon Nov 30 23:57:23 2009 > Absolute air pressure reading of 0.00 InHg detected. Value out of range (8.85 to 32.45).
    Mon Nov 30 23:57:23 2009 > One or more data items could not be automatically corrected, Ignoring ALL data on this update.

    Any Help?

    1. Joe — there is relative barometric pressure and then there’s absolute. Make sure your Lacrosse is set to RELATIVE (or “altimeter setting”), not station pressure.

      The WUHU is probably “seeing’ the absolute pressure which is WAY too low!
      See if that helps.

      1. It is set to relative pressure but in the currdat.Lst file it shows:



        Theres no absolute pressure :/ and it seems WUHU needs it?

      2. if i leave a value in there it works


        like that im not sure why heavyweather is doing this :/

        Make sure your Lacrosse is set to RELATIVE (or “altimeter setting”)

        how do i make sure on my computer it says relative and on my station it says REL so its relative is that correct?

        Thanks man

  11. I cannot get wind sensor data even though the unit has been up for several days. How long does it take the WS2810U-IT solar charger to activate the wind sensor?
    Customer service at Lacrosse sucks. I sent my request to their online customer service twice. They say high volume of calls may take a couple of weeks to get an answer.

    1. are you sure you pressed the reset button on the wind sensor? if not you may have a defective wind sensor there have been reports of these!

    2. TOPBOSS — something is either wrong with the wind unit (unlikely, unless it was damaged during shipping), or, you may have forgotten to press the pin with the little lever that was sold with the unit (just checking), or you didn’t shine it into a bright bulb (AND have it 3 feet from the wall unit) when you pressed the pin into the unit. In addition, if you put the batteries backward in the main unit, it can fry out components of the 2810. Always test each unit piece before mounting it on the roof. I “blew” the cups around and got a few mph before putting it up high. Believe it or not, Lacrosse does get back to you in about 1 week to 10 days. I got a personal answer, although like you said, it’s not quick. Just trying to help.

      JORGE — The 2810 unit at Costco is a discontinued item. They are not getting any more in. Whatever was in must have already been sold. They were just flying off the shelves everywhere. It was in Costco during Oct & Nov, and now we don’t have any either in MT.

      JOE — your Lacrosse unit, in set-up mode, will have two parts to the barometer setting; choose the “relative” pressure one and adjust from 26.something or 27.something to 29.something or 30.something. Then the WUHU software will read it okay.

      Good luck everyone in setting it up.

      1. Does the unit automatically read the correct barometric pressure right out of the box? And, I had everything up and running before I added the rain gauge…but the base doesn’t seem to find it. Suggestions?
        Malahat BC

  12. I called all costco stores in the las vegas metro area but they don’t carry any LaCrosse weather stations. No Ws2810 listed on their website.

  13. Talked direct to LaCrosse tech support about the delay in wind sensor linking up to the console. Here are a few suggestions that worked for me.

    The solar batteries should be allowed to charge for at least three days before attempting to connect. Then shut down everything for 30 minutes (remove batteries). Make sure the units are fairly near each other. The wind sensor and temp/humidity sensor should be in line-of-sight with each other and within 50 ft if at all possible (I know it says 200-300 feet, but don’t press your luck). The temp unit is the relay between the wind sensor and the console. Walls and other obstructions will reduce the communication between console and temp sensor, so the closer the better. Then restart the console followed by the temp/humidity sensor. When those link, go to the wind sensor and press the little reset button for 5-10 sec. Give the whole setup a few minutes to start talking and sync up. Chances are good that will do it. If not, there are some undocumented restart features that I won’t try to describe here, but LaCrosse tech support can give you that.

    I have had to discover some things about linking to the PC that are either unclear or absent in the user manual. Will be happy to share if anyone wants that.

    I’m also having the data problems communicating with WUHU as mentioned in an earlier post (mis-reading barometric pressure data). Anyone who finds that solution, please post it.


  14. As of today (12/10/09, the COSTCO in Nampa, ID still has ve a few dozen of these WS-2810U-IT’s on the shelf (minus the one I purchased). Price still $79. I appreciate the comments on this site. They will be very helpful.

    1. Hey Steve,
      Could you do a brief run-through of your setup procedure for Wunderground? I have not been able to make their software interface correctly to my WS2810.


    LaCrosse WS-2810 Full Startup/Reset Procedure

    1. If the battery in the wind sensor has not charged in full sun (facing due south) for at least three days, do this first.
    2. For this procedure, chances of success are better when the distances between the display unit and other sensors relative to the temp/humidity sensor are within 50 feet. Line-of-sight orientation and fewest possible intervening obstructions are desirable. Further separation can be done after start-up.
    3. After solar battery is charged, go to the display unit and follow the following steps as, and in the order, listed.
    4. Press and hold the Set button. Release when the display ‘blanks out’.
    5. Repeatedly press and release Set button until the “rES off” message appears at bottom of screen.
    6. While in the “rES Off” mode, press and release the Up Arrow to change the message to “rES On”. Then press the Set button (once).
    7. A counter at the bottom of the page will now appear showing the value “127” and then it will begin counting down to “0”. When zero is reached, the display will show “rES dOnE”.
    8. At this point, remove the batteries from the display.
    9. While batteries are still out, press any key on the display at least 20 times. (This helps to drain any residual charges in the circuits)
    10. Now remove the batteries from the rain sensor and the temp/humidity sensor.
    11. Leave everything as-is for at least 10 minutes.
    12. Now go to the wind sensor and press and release the reset button recessed in the little hole on the bottom of the wind sensor. Use the provided plastic ‘rod’ or a straightened paper clip. The switch is approximately 5/8” straight inside the case. The actuation requires very little pressure. If you do it carefully you can feel (but probably not hear) a soft switch movement.
    13. Now replace the batteries in the rain sensor and temp/humidity sensor, followed by replacement of batteries in the display unit.
    14. Leave everything as-is and display untouched for at least 10 minutes.
    15. Everything should now be linked and the display should show connectivity and activity of all the sensors.
    16. If something is still not functioning, you should call LaCrosse technical support.

  16. I need to find of one these in Southern California for a Christmas gift.

    Anyone have a SKU so that it’s easier when I start calling around the Costcos? My local one did not have it and it was not in the computer.

  17. John, try 433897 Weather Station. That’s what’s on the receipt.
    I was glad for the good advice here, I only had to go up on the roof one time!
    The rain sensor shows more precip. than the actual collected in a standard rain gauge, and I assume I’ll have to bring it indoors when it snows.

  18. Larry Beck,

    I had the same problem with the wind unit not sending at night. I purchased it from Costco on 1 Nov 09 and returned it to Costco on 19 Dec 09. I know the unit was set up properly because it worked well for many days before it stopped, then started to read again, and then stop again, then started. I emailed La Crosse many times, and was told to bring it in and place it under a light. I did that and it worked for over a week, and then stopped sending several more times. Again I emailed La Crosse and they wanted me to send it back to them. I told them not without a replacement from them first. They said that I should return it for an exchange to Costco. My wife talked me into taking it back to Costco. I now have a new unit from Costco and will be placing it under a light for three days to fully charge the solar batteries before I place it outside in the gray gloomy dark pacific northwest days here. Other then having the wind sensor problem this is a great unit. I have had several weather ststions over the years and this is best by far.

  19. Janet, thanks for the Item Number. The L.A. region Costcos never carried them and the San Diego region was sold out. Central Valley (Fresno, Visalia, etc.) has a ton so we took a road trip and bought two, just in case one piece didn’t work and we have backup parts for the future.

    Thanks for all the mounting help in this forum as well.

  20. Thanks to all for the greats comments. I purchased 2 of the 2810’s here in Norfolk, VA. They still had 3 as of Christmas Eve. Gave one to my brother-in-law in Savannah, GA. Was there last week to help with the install. All went well. Mine went up here on 23Dec. All went well. We did get 2″ of rain 25-26Dec. This morning the wind sensor stopped transmitting. Tried the re-synch several times. Call Lacrosse this evening. They suggested I ‘charge’ the solar panel. Something I guess I didn’t well enough at first. I told them I could bring the wind sensor inside and put it under a light. Will check on it tomorrow. Lacrosse then e-mailed me their restart procedures. Hopefully it will all work out.

  21. @Jim Becker
    I set the solar panel under a 60 watt bulb for 24 hours. Still unable to get a signal to the display. Followed the re-set instructions (twice). Still nothing. Tried to call tech support back tonight. No success. Returned station to Costco. Unable exchange it for a new one for they were out of stock.

  22. Sorry to hear you are having trouble Jim. As a weatherman, I have had a lot of experience with these instrumentation sets. Unfortunately, if you don’t “do it exactly right” the first time, the system never works right. Why? We don’t know. It seems to “hard-code” itself with the sticking-in of the pin, and if the distance isn’t right, and if it’s NOT installed on a perfectly sunny day, with at least 6 hours of sun when first set-up, it has problems. The instrumentation that costs $800+ doesn’t have this problem, but for $79, this one is not perfect.

  23. Jim — one last thing…if you didn’t already try Dr. Dan’s 16-point full reset (12/16/09), then even though I hate to give up, I think you’re out of luck on your problem with the wind sensor.

    1. yeah…did all that. The instructions that Lacrosse e-mailed me were basically the same thing. What bothers me the most is that my Costco had none left so I had to take my cash and go home.

  24. For those in the midst of harsh winter climes, I thought I would mention that if your temperature goes below 0F AND you have freezing fog at the same time, the instrumentation becomes very faulty. The temperature sensor gets all iced-up inside (from the freezing fog) and it becomes 12F too high (i.e., actual temp was for me in Montana -17F, but it read -5F). I measured it with a trusty “old-fashioned” mercury thermometer that has always been right over the past 22 years of record-keeping. IF you have this problem, then you have to bring all the equipment inside, defrost it all for 24 hours, and then it resets, and then put it back out. Of course, if you get freezing fog without the severe cold, know that the icing on the wind vane and wind cups will slow down the wind speeds and alter the true direction of the wind. The best equipment has heating sensors in it in cold region climates. This is far from that, and even though you pay $79 — and it is a great deal, realize you are not going to have perfect instrumentation.

  25. I got this for Christmas – thanks SANTA! But I’m trying to figure out a good place to mount the wind sensor. Does anybody have suggestions? If I put it on my fence in the back of my house – how far should it be away from any other houses to make sure it reads pretty accurate wind readings? If I put it on my roof – how far above the top of the roof does it need to be? If mounted on a chimney – how high above the chimney should it be?

  26. Took original weather station back to Costco due to the wind sensor not being reliable – (see Dec 20 posting here). Had the new station’s wind sensor under a 60 watt light for 3+ days and then set it outside. It worked great for three weeks, but now wind sensor stopped transmitting. I again have the wind unit under a 60 watt light to see if I can get it charged up again.

    Anyone know the voltage of the wind sensor? I was wondering if you could cut wires from solar panel and connect battery for a reliable power source???

  27. This is exactly what happened to me, but I got 3 days out of the wind unit. Attempting to reset the unit again (3rd time) after a week under the light. Still waiting to hear back from LaCrosse.

  28. When I contaced LaCrosse last time this hapened with my first unit they wanted me to ship it back to them (without a replacement) so they could check it out. I just took it back to Costco. I am thinking about doing that again. Love the unit when it works.

  29. @KC
    Guess I was one of the lucky ones — mine as worked like a champ once I got it going. Likely poor QC at the mfg. end. Now we know why a supposedly $260 unit was dumped on the market for so cheap. Evidently, they ordered a boatload of product and didn’t do adequate product testing prior. Or the mfg knew it was a lemon and made an offer LaCrosse couldn’t refuse. LaCrosse made Costco an offer they couldn’t refuse. And then Costco made us an offer…. Bet they wish now they had dumped them all in the landfill.

  30. It seems that there is a moisture integrity problem with solar wind sensor. I thought it was a solar problem in the Pacific Northwest only to discover that the wind sensor stopped operating when the rain started. The data from the heavy weather pro software was very useful. It allowed me to see that was going on when the wind gauge quit sending. In every instance rainfall just preceded or was concurrent with each failure. Lacrosse is going to send me a new sensor and I’ll see what happens from there.

  31. JohnMCC: What did you have to do to get Lacrosse to send you another sensor?

    JOHNMCC :It seems that there is a moisture integrity problem with solar wind sensor. I thought it was a solar problem in the Pacific Northwest only to discover that the wind sensor stopped operating when the rain started. The data from the heavy weather pro software was very useful. It allowed me to see that was going on when the wind gauge quit sending. In every instance rainfall just preceded or was concurrent with each failure. Lacrosse is going to send me a new sensor and I’ll see what happens from there.

  32. @Jim becker
    I just sent them an email explaining the moisture problem and said that I would work with them to resove the problem. I probably won’t get the replacement sensor for a week and half. I don’t know if there is any guarantee that it will work but if it doesn’t they said to contact them and we will work from there. I think they know there is a problem with wind sensor and moisture. I wouldn’t be surprised if the current sensor will eventually fail due to the corrosion. It stopped sending when the rain started yesterday but the rain has stopped but takes awhile for it to transmit (if ever again) after the rain stops.

  33. I have the same water problem with the 2810 wind sensor. I dismantled mine and have got it working again after drying it out and removing board corrosion.

    The leak results from a fundamental design flaw in that the top bushing for the wind direction sensor has no sealing (I expected to find an o-ring!). Water blown under the top rotating cover can readily flow down the shaft onto the circuit board. I have made some small mods to make water ingress harder as well as sealing the shaft with Vaseline – who knows how long this will be effective?

    To dismantle the wind indicator, the top vane should be removed first ( a screw under the cover in the top), then the main cover (five screws). Take care not to break the fragile T-reflector for the wind-direction indicator that sits over the encoder wheel. The wheel shaft is a press-fit and pulls out of the wheel. Five more screws enable the circuit board to be removed.

    Assemble in reverse order.



  34. @Mike Stringfellow

    Mike: I believe you’re on to something. Several others have felt the same way. My brother-in-law has one we installed on Dec 20th. He’s had several down pours and it’s still working. Seems like there may be a few out there that somehow they are immune.

  35. Possibly the combination of strong wind and rain defeats the top bushing seal, while it may work ok if the rain is more or less vertical? In any event, the top bushing is not sealed and can leak if water gets to it.


  36. Basically, Lacrosse is going to send me a new unit and I don’t have to return the old one. However, if the new unit fails I may have to send both back. I decided not to try and fix the old one by myself because I didn’t want to void any warranties. I decided to work with Lacrosse and see what I get. I will keep you informed of the progress.

  37. @JOHNMCC

    Thanks John

    Mine is still hangin in there as of this morning, but if I do have problems I plan on doing what you did and send them an e-mail and ask what can be done. I’m on my 2nd 2810. The first one went back to Costco for a refund. Costco then got more(?) about a week later and I bit. I like the display and when it works it’s a nice setup. Thanks again! Keep us posted.

  38. Howdy y’all! I’m an atmospheric scientist in Montana — and although we don’t suffer from the rainfall problems, we get ICE FOG, and it screws up the temperature sensor. Look, I have to say one important thing … the famous expression: you get what you pay for. Sure, I have a 2810 and 95% of the time, it’s good. Costco was selling these for $79 (retail $179-249 depending on store or at Ebay), and frankly, you just cannot beat this for what you get. IF YOU WANT THE PRO weather station, hands down, get the Davis Pro2 where the wind sensor gives you a new readout of windspeed every 2 seconds. A Davis Pro2 system is $350 and upwards, depending on what you get. But, if you can scrape that together, THAT IS THE WAY TO GO! Good luck to all budding weather nuts out there … and I say that as a big compliment to everyone reading this blog!

  39. @Simon

    I agree with most of what you’re saying. Heck I’ve been in this hobby for over 10 years and run Rainwise and Davis along with this 2810 not to mention the dozen of other weather devices. It’s true about the getting what you pay for, however companies should not be allowed to peddle junk. I hope Lacrosse makes good on the 2810 by exchanging/warranty what’s already in the market and then correct any future plans to continue this line.

  40. Jim, you’ve certainly hit upon an interesting “debate” topic. Should companies be “allowed” to peddle junk? The obvious answer is “no fricking way”. But the less obvious question is discovering if the company in question is INTENTIONALLY selling junk. In other words, let’s talk cars for a second: we all know that Kia offers a lot of car for a “great” (read: low) price. But do we get the quality in return? Well, it depends on your perspective. If you have driven a Lexus for years, then the answer is ‘absolutely not’ and one is not happy with the Kia, no matter what the poor service writer does to try to please you. Lexus builds high-quality cars, and we EXPECT something good to excellent in return. So, to answer my own question, I think in summary, Lacrosse does NOT intentionally peddle junk. A high percentage of their units work, but because the quality of their materials is low-end mid-based, it is LIKELY that on occasion there will be issues that arise. And perhaps most importantly, WE AS CONSUMERS, must know that if we “get a deal” it may come with a need to spend some time to work out some kinks. But to the contrary, if we buy a Davis Pro2, for $450, and these crazy little issues (on this blog) arise in that beautiful piece of weather “art”, THEN we have the right to raise our blood pressure and complain right the way across the bridge, so to speak, and get it resolved with a) excellent customer service and b) have any sensor replacement sent out FedEx the next day. To conclude, Lacrosse surely could do more — yes — but I think Lacrosse is doing the best it can with what it has. If you’re expecting the very best from a lower-end model, your expectations are perhaps too high when something goes wrong.

  41. I had a Davis years ago and it had some kinks too, but never failed me! The Lacrosse model is STILL on their web page for $250. The sell off to Costco at such a cheap price indicates that Lacrosse knew they had a problem with these and basically dumped them. Yes it is consumer beware but I found a local blog where individuals had returned 3 or 4 until they got one with a wind gauge that worked. I certainly would expect to to operate more than a day before it failed. It is a weather gauge, and you would have thought that they would have built it to operate in the rain, for at least longer than a day since it would be exposed to the elements. In fact, I personally think Costco must have returned their remaining inventory to Lacrosse.

    In the end, I decided to work with Lacrosse hoping that I will be able to get several years out of this one. And, yes I could have returned the item to Costco.

    Thanks for letting me vent and I will let you know how it goes. We had dry day today and the wind gauge is now operating until the next rainfall.

  42. I also purchased one of these. Had it running for a week, then the wind sensor stopped reporting. LaCrosse says this product was made exclusively for Costco, and Cosco has sold them ALL. LaCrosse did not keep any for spare/warranty work. Therefore, I’m supposed to wait a month, then send the wind sensor only back to them, and they will take care of it in warranty, if they have any left at that time. Repair/replacement is on a first-come/first-serve basis. So much for the one-year warranty.

    I have played with the Davis at work, but could not afford one for the home. I purchased from an ebay supplier. I don’t understand how LaCrosse can just ignore the warranty, especially if this is a design defect, as it appears.

    Mine also had water in the wind assembly. The circuit board had some corrosion, which I cleaned. I found a 0-ohm shorting smt part that was open, and replaced it with a wire jumper (I am very comfortable with electronics and surface mount repairs). Time wil tell if that’s all there is wrong.

    I cannot verify that the solar charge circuit is working right, however. The solar cell puts out about 5V with an open-circuit, but only about 1.8V when hooked to the rest of the board. I’m leaving it running inside tonite with a 60-W lamp right above it.

    I don’t have faith with the LaCrosse warranty repair – it sounded too goofy to me. I was going to buy other LaCrosse items, such as their watch, but forget that now. While I can fix some SMT, a watch is too small. Also, no positive recommendations about their equipment from me.

    Sorry for the vent, I hope the above helps others fix their units.

  43. Thanks to all on the follow up to the warranty/repair work. I believe if mine (2nd one) fails, I’ll contact Lacrosse to see what they offer. However, I personally won’t wait for a month or longer for them to repair it. I bought it from Costco and they have an excellent return policy. I returned the first one with no problems and if need be, I can certainly return the 2nd one.

  44. If you check out the Lacrosse website, they are showing what looks like a newer version, the WS-2811. No price listed, but it looks very similar to the 2810. Interesting.

  45. I regard the lack of any sort of seal in the top bushing as a fundamental design flaw – it would have cost next to nothing to design and build it properly. Overall, the unit is pretty good, but electronics that are not weather-resistant on a weather-instrument strikes me as negligent.


  46. The wind sensor on my unit worked fine when I first ran through the set-up, but several days later when I went to install it outside, it stopped working. I ran through the set-up again, as the manual says to do, and it works fine again. I’ve had it outside for several days now and it works fine, but it hasn’t rained yet either.

    Something I contacted customer support about but got no answer what-so-ever (they were pretty clueless) is: on page 6 of the manual it talks about IT+ technology, a Lacrosse innovation, that allows real-time display of outside sensor data. The 2810 I bought from Costco has the IT+ logo on the box, and “IT” in the model number (2810U-IT), so I’m thinking I should get real time windspeed. The specifications section in the manual says the windspeed is sent every 17 seconds, and that’s about how my system works. So, what’s with the IT+ real-time data comment? Frankly that’s why I didn’t return the system when I found out it transferred data at 17 seconds. My 15-year old Davis Weather Wizard (wired) has real time windspeed so I’m used to that.

    When I called customer support, first they tried to tell me the wind data is transferred every 6 seconds. I had to correct them on that, then their response was “well 17 seconds is pretty much real-time”. No, its not! Then I asked, the wind speed I get — is that an average over the last 17 seconds, one point in time over the last 17 seconds, the fastest wind sensed in the last 17 seconds, or what? The answer was “its the windspeed.” Right, but is it . . . Then the answer was “I don’t know” When asked why the manual talks about the IT+ invovation by Lacrosse and real time data, but the system doesn’t do that, the answer was “I don’t know.” When asked is there anyone there that could answer the question, like the engineer who designed the thing, the answer was “the engineer lives in Germany”. OK, so I’m not going to get an answer on why my system doesn’t do what it says it should do in the manual that comes with it.

    Does anyone have any info on the IT+ technology, and what it should do for me? The website talks about it saving battery power, which isn’t what what the manual says. I really want realtime windspeed data.

    In any case, we’ll see how long it takes me too to return it to Costco! I don’t like the thought of climbing up that ladder to my roof again, though…

  47. Hi Pete

    Good post!

    My recommedation is if you really want ‘realtime windspeed data’ your best bet is to go with a higher grade unit like Rainwise, Davis, etc. I’m on my 2nd 2810 (first went back to Costco after 6 days). The current one is on day 14. From my observation the 2810 is all about transmission range and batteries. If you haven’t already, try replacing the batteries with ones you know are new. We have no clue how old the ones that came with the unit. The other thing is transmission range. Don’t believe the manual. Do all you can do to bring the thermo and display as close as you can get them. I’m still trouble shooting mine, but these 2 areas appear to be the cause of most of my problems. My wind sensors has been 2 major rain events and 10″ of snow and temps this morning of 13 degrees (f). It may still fail (leak) but only time will tell. Good luck and let us know how it works out.

    Virginia Beach

  48. I have been reading the posts with interest. Like others, my wind speed sensor quit after a few days of rain. I opened it and cleaned the corrosion, but cannot get it restarted. The units are back ordered at La Crosse for a month, so am waiting.

    In the meantime, the rain sensor reads 3 to 5 times the amount from my wireless Oregon Scientific rain sensor that I have trusted for the past 4 years. The tech at La Crosse thinks it could be radio interference. I live on a small lake in a very rural area so doubt RFI. Except, could the two rain sensors be interfering. The O.S. frequency is 433 mhz. Does anyone know the La Crosse WS-2810U frequency?

  49. Will: I agree with you and doubt its RFI. The 2810 box claims 915mhz. Another thing I noticed about the rain gauge is the owners manual has the diameter at 5.18″. When I measured it, I got about 4.25″ When I spoke to Lacrosse the other day about this they knew of the rain gauge problem and felt it may be related to a firmware update in the display. Was told to wait 60 days for a possible fix.

  50. Jim: Thanks for the comment. I just measured and find the diameter of my unit about 4.5″ also. While checking the unit indoors, I find that the count is advanced 0.02″ every time the bucket trips. The specification says the resolution is 0.01″. After relocating and checking carefully, I am now reading about twice the rainfall of the O.S. rain gauge, so that would be consistent with a firmware problem. I am toying with ideas of reducing the capture area 50%.

  51. Will: You’re on to something there with the capture area reduction. I tried a ‘rough’ version of it the other night and for the most part it works. The 2810 display will still only show increments of .02 but with a 50% area reduction you’re ‘tricking’ the firmware into reality. I’m playing with a couple of versions involving a plastic lid from a butter container, a plastic funnel and other similar items. I’ll let you know how it all works out.

  52. Ok….I plan on playing with it this weekend. Want to see how it performs in some actual rain. We might get some Sat. or Mon. Let us know if you you’re able to do the same.


  53. I did the rain gauge mod, reducing the capture area. Today we got some snow and my Rainwise recorded….01″…then….02″ The 2810 showed .02″ Not sure if it went from .01″ but I did get the same result. Monday we’re suppose to get some real rain so I’ll let you know how it measures up.
    Here’s a link to some pictures I took:

    The pic of the 2810 is the original (back to Costco). The 2nd one is in the same place.

    Parts list:

    1 lid to plastic butter container (4.5″ diameter)

    1 lid to Noxema shave creame

  54. Jim,
    Your installation looks neat and simple. The key is the insert to keep rainwater from dripping in from the butter container lid. I tried a bead of caulking, but it didn’t hold up in the rain. Next I will try a variation of yours using a 3″ diameter fruit cocktail container the next rainy spell. Of course the proper fix is to correct the firmware so that .01′ is recorded as .01″ not .02″.

  55. Will: You’re right about the firmware fix…or they figure out that we either have the wrong display or rain gauge. Without an Internet connection or some sort of data link I don’t they can do it. Years ago I did a small chip swap-out/exchange with my Rainwise display to update the windchill calculation. The Rainwise folks talked me through over the phone.

    FYI…I used a silicone glue (tube) to seal the inner cap.

    Let us know how you make out. My next expected rain is Monday.

  56. Well…….I finally had some time to install the 2810. After reading this blog, I can’t pretend that I wasn’t a bit intimidated. I read – and reread each post, wanting to be sure to not screw it up. I did have prior experience with an older WS which the 2810 is replacing.

    The wind instrument spent 12 hours within two feet of a 200W light bulb. Then it spent two full days in mostly clear conditions outside. Following the three days of preparing the wind sensor, I installed batteries and crossed my fingers. With everything within 5 feet, the system came to life and seemed to be working properly.

    I then walked to the location for the Thermo-hygro Sensor and slid it onto the pre-installed mount. Still OK. I then carried the Wireless Display into the house, and quickly lost the wind sensor.

    I carried all units back outside and placed them within 3 feet of each other. Following a full restart procedure, everything worked well again. Retracing my previous steps to place the pieces, I ended up with the same results – lost wind sensor.

    The wind and rain sensor are 50ft, direct line of sight to the Thermo-hygro sensor. However, although the Thermo-hygro sensor is only 18 ft from the display, it was mounted in a manner that was NOT line-of-sight.

    Repositioning the Thermo-hygro sensor to be line-of-sight with all units, and going through the restart procedures once again, has my WS operating fine (almost 24 hours now). The current position for the Thermo-hygro sensor is 50ft “direct line-of-sight” from wind and rain sensors, and 15ft “direct line-of-sight” (thru a large window) from the display.

    So……….short distances, line-of-sight, and good batteries are all good hints. I know that by reading all of the posts, the WS could still experience problems. But I thought that I would share my installation experience.

    Thanks for all of the help on this blog!

  57. George: Great blog/post. I too have found that the range/line of sight is a major factor. Also be careful if you happen to move one of the sensors later on. Yesterday I moved the thermo sensor (about 3 feet). I’m still trying to find the ‘perfect’ spot in my yard. I have a weird backyard in that I don’t really have a north side of the house that would allow a good install of the thermo out of the sun. I’ve ended up putting it on the North West side near my fence to gain shade. I also have a weather shelter house (Stevenson style) that helps. At any rate, after I tweaked the location again, I lost connection to the rain sensor. Ended up having to bring the rain sensor closer to the thermo (it was around the corner of the house.yikes) and now everything is within sight of each other not more than 25 feet altogether. The weird part is that the display is in the house (of course) through 2 walls and its working fine, so far. I guess all of this agrees with what you’re saying and we’ve found that the range (thermo to other sensors) is very important. Watch the rain gauge for its been known to report double,…and the wind sensor has been known to leak.

  58. UPDATE on the rain gauge….today we got our first measurable rain since I did the mod. Here’s what my stations reported:

    Lacrosse 2810: .38
    Rainwise: .26
    Davis Vantage Vue: .24

    Although the Lacrosse is still not there, it’s getting close. Once we dry out I’m going to remove the cap from the Lacrosse and check the seal around the cup.

  59. Jim,
    Re the fruit cocktail cup insert.
    This morning, after 4 days of rain the readings are:
    Oregon Scientific: 1.54
    LaCrosse 2810 : 1.53
    Because of the different bucket sizes, readings differ from time to time, but close enough. The “fruit cocktail” insert is 2.8″ diameter inside and 3.0″ overall to the lip. I’m sure some of that goes into the gauge.

  60. Will: One other thing, how did you measure the 4 days of rain on the 2810? I think the display has several settings, i.e. 24 hour, month, or year and I believe each one re-sets..?

  61. Jim,
    I took a couple of pictures. I’M not sure how to post them to this site, so will send as an attachment to an e-mail to your address. I embedded the cup to the butter container lid with tub and tile caulk. You can see how it ran down the outside of the cup.

    When I put the unit back outside, I reset the Total Rain to zero using the min/max function. I then compared with increments on the Oregon Scientific total readings. Today, we are back to a dry spell. the readings for the rainy days are: 2810 = 2.25″; O.S. = 2.24″. Both are now reset to zero for March.

  62. Well I am back but still no wind gauge from Lacrosse. They told me that I would recieve in about 14 days and it is far beyond that time frame. I called them last week and they said were out of stock and wouldn’t get another shipment until the first week in March. I’ll hold my breath for a little while longer. I guess that means they doing alot of replacements.

    On another matter, the rain gauge is almost doubles the actual rainfall. Lacross said they were working with their German engineers on that problem.

  63. Thanks JohnMCC

    It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with for the rain gauge. Some of us have tried modifying the intake while others have actually modified the mechanics inside. Keep us posted.

  64. LaCrosse wouldn’t do anything for me about the wind gauge unless I returned it…so I did. Two weeks now and nothing. Initially, they wanted the whole setup! We’ll see what they do, and how long it will take. The LaCrosse rain gauge is double my Cocorah’s.

  65. Jim, I e-mailed them to your e-mail address March 1. I didn’t know how to post them to this site. So far, the Oregon Sci and the 2810 rain gauges agree well for March. .08 on O.S. and .12 on 2810 after hail shower this morning. I sent back the wind sensor last week. La Crosse expects a new shipment in a few days.

  66. Will: I never saw the pics. Maybe you can send again. I modified my rain gauge mod. To start, I built a stand alone post (4″x4″x3′) to provide a more stable mount. Then I expanded the modified opening from the shave creame top to a small cut down plastic container. This one is closer to the size others recommended. Over on somone reported they sent the wind sensor in and got it back. During all of this exchange this was no mention of the rain gauge problem. I guess Lacrosse still has no fix.

  67. Jim: I just sent the pics to your e-mail address. When I talked to La Crosse, the tech said to test the rain gauge by pouring water into it. After hearing 10 clicks, the display should read 0.2 inch. That is what I confirmed by just tripping the bucket manually; .02″ per trip. But that is twice the actual rain in the unmodified cylinder.

  68. Jim,
    I clicked on your name and got to “Virginia Beach Backyard Weather” and sent pics to the e-mail address there. But – I get returned mail “user unknown”. I don’t have a web site to post them. Any suggestions?

  69. Well……….so far so good! My WX Station has been up for 18 days and is still performing great. We’ve had a variety of fairly crappy Idaho weather, including a little more than 1 1/2 inches of rain, which is pretty close to what the local TV stations report. I just knocked on my wooden desk for continued luck. So………still liking my 2810. I continue to enjoy this blog.

  70. No – I did not. After reading all of the previous discussions about the inaccuracy, I assume that mine has the same problem. However, my very limited experience doesn’t confirm that I have the problem. I am sort of expecting it to read 2 times actual rainfall. Further, the 1.7 inches us currently showing (since installation) is a small database. Perhaps I will be able to assess better if we get some substantial spring rains.

    The problem here in the Snake River valley, is that WX patterns split west of here in eastern Oregon, with most of the moisture either sliding to the north of us or off to the eastsoutheast (ESE). Lots of precip in the mountains all around us, but surprisingly not that much here in the valley.

    So………..if the rain guage ends up being inaccurate (which I expect after reading all of the above), I will try the fixes stated above.

  71. @George

    What you may want to try, is pick up one of those small cheap glass manual rain gauges and see how your 2810 measures up to that. You can also go to weatherunderground and see if there are any personal weather stations in your area.

    I experience the same type of differences in reporting when it comes to temps. Folks here closer to the water, often in the winter report 5-10 degrees warmer than me.

  72. I have had good luck with my 2810 so far. My father picked one up as well and is having a problem with the wind sensor so I will try the things outlined here. Nice resource with some pretty creative people here. Thanks.

  73. Bought the WS-2810 at Costco in December 2009.
    Finally got it working in April 2010.

    Wasted at least 8 hours trying to get it to work. The solar wind sensor would never connect correctly. After three months of frustration and way too many hours emailing back and forth to La Crosse, they finally sent me a replacement wind sensor and thermo sensor. This one is working for now at least, however, based on my bad experiences with this unit, I would not recommend it. Try a different manufacturer. I even had to pay my own $8 shipping to mail the defective part back. What a poor customer service LaCrosse has.

  74. Update report on WS 2810. (See Feb 27 posting.)
    The rain gauge is back to 2x readings compared to the Oregon Scientific sensor. I think my tub and tile caulk around the fruit cup is not holding up and maintaining the capture area reduction.

    LaCrosse was very accommodating and sent me an entire replacement wind gauge, even though I had opened the original after it quit following heavy rain. The current unit is working OK even after some heavy rain showers. I was worried when it quit yesterday, but after several restarts it seems OK now. I think it needs more sun than we get in the Puget Sound area in March.

    Editorial Comment: I think for the Costco price, we got what we paid for. The convenience of the wireless connections and ability to place the individual units separately is an asset. The reliability is less than desired. LaCrosse is doing their best to honor warranties for an unprofitable product.

  75. I am a bit in shock right now, as I read these posts regarding the La Crosse rain gage.
    After 3-months of nightmare problems with my WS 2810, I finally get the wind sensor working and now I read the posts that there is an inherent design flaw with the rain gage???

    Am I reading these posts correctly that my rain gage will read twice the actual rainfall??
    Please tell me it ain’t so, I just got the system working last weekend. I don’t need any more problems with this weather station.


  76. I have a similar but older model LaCrosse weather station that I bought at Costco. The one I have is wired and both the wind sensor and rain gauge are crap. The rain gauge doesn’t report anything and the wind sensor will report winds much higher than other stations in my neighborhood. ALso, the temperature sensor will sometimes report temperatures in the 100s of degrees. The only thing that seems to work consistently is the humidity sensor.

    The problem for me is that my Home Automation system makes decisions based on this data. I have to wonder if the more expensive stations from LaCrosse are better.

  77. @Ken Schroeder

    Ken: I’ve been dealing with the 2810 since last Dec. Lots of posts here. From what I can tell talking to other weather hobbyist and reading posts here, most report that the 2810 rain gauge displays double the actual rainfall. When I called Lacrosse back in early Feb, they offered no solution. I was told to call back in 60 days. I plan to call them this week.

  78. Well I called Lacrosse this afternoon. I explained to the rep that I had called back in Feb about the rain gauge problem. She told me to send in the the thermo sensor and said that they would ‘probably’ replace it. I took down the mailing and info and was ready to send it off tomorrow. I figured since she was talking replacement and not investigate or repair, they may have a real solution, besides it’s not like I would be without a station. After returning from the back yard where I retrieved the thermo sensor, I then happened to check my email and found a note from Lacrosse. At first I thought it was the customary follow up email. This note said to NOT send in the thermo sensor, but they would go ahead and send me a replacement. This would correct the rain fall problem. The note went on to say that the replacement would not be available until September.

    I’ve learned to be patient with this station. More to follow.

  79. We got our replacement wind sensor from Lacrosse, installed it, and it is working just fine even though we have had several days of rain. We love the weather station, although the rain gauge is not accurate. My husband adjusted it somehow and it is close to our manual rain gauge. We really wanted the weather station for the indoor/outdoor temp and the wind sensor, which seems to be fairly accurate. We didn’t care about the rain gauge because it’s easy to get rain readings from a plain old plastic tube.

    While awaiting our replacement wind sensor, we tried a couple other brands in this price range, and nothing was accurate on them, even the temperature. We’ll stick with our Lacrosse.

  80. Bought two of these weather stations from Costco before Christmas. Gave one away as a gift and it has worked fine (other then the 2x rain gauge totals). The original wind sensor on my unit failed after about a month of service (moisture leaking inside). I sent it back to LaCrosse (at my expense) and received a replacement. It also lasted about a month before failing for the same reason. La Crosse is now sending me a third sensor and it “might appear somewhat different” then the original. Let’s hope it is watertight. As far as the rain sensor, I cut a 3″ dia hole in a black 1 gallon plant container and taped over the pot’s side drain holes. I then placed it over the sensor and now rainfall matches my trusty tube gauge. Stay tuned

  81. Received the replacement wind sensor today and it was up and running with just a simple pull the batteries out of the thermo-hydro sensor and display, wait a couple of minutes, push the probe into the wind sensor, put the batteries back in and everything was up and running in about 5 minutes. The wind sensor is the same model as the previous two (TX-56U-IT) but has a couple of modifications/additions. There is now a piece of clear tape that wraps around the front of the unit under the solar panel, sealing the two halves and marked “removal voids warranty”. There also two very small holes drilled on either side of the FCC markings on the underside. I had noticed a gap on the front of the unit on my previous units so the tape might be providing an additional seal. Time will tell I guess.

  82. @Jim Becker
    When I last talked to them (La Crosse) I hadn’t found this site so was unaware of other folks having the same problem. Probably just live with having the plant container over the sensor. Kind of a kluge but it works:-)

  83. @Simon

  84. @ROBERT
    Stay on them. Many folks say that Lascrosse did replace the wind sensor. Also check your rain gauge. Many have reported douple amounts. I’m waiting on Lacrosse to send me a replacement thermo sensor which they claim will fix the rain gauge problem. Good luck!

  85. The units are fine but the wind sensor is a piece of junk. If you live in an area with rain expect the wind sensor to last about 3-5 days. Mine failed after 3 days of straight rain and when I opened it up water ran out. Electronics had standing water on the circuit board and there was extensive corrosion on the solar connector leads under the main board. A search of the web shows this to be one of their worst units ever produced to date. Everything else works fine, but the wind sensor is poorly engineered and I can’t seem to find a replacement for it. If you can, seal the seam with silicon tape aquarium sealer, anything to keep moisture out. The drain holes in the bottom of the unit are so small that hydrostatic cling effect of water prevents the water from acutally draining out the holes.

  86. Received the replacement for the 2810 thermo sensor yesterday. Install/re-sync went OK. During the setup, we did get a bit a rain which I was able to record. Although it wasn’t much, it looks like what Lacrosse did was change (retard) the rain report. Comparing it to the Rainwise, this is how they reported:

    Rainwise Lacrosse
    .01 .00
    .02 .02
    .03 .02
    .04 .04
    .05 .04

    You get the idea. Will keep an eye on it during a ‘real’ rain event.

  87. Just rcv’d my replacement wind sensor and after resyncing it worked. I put silicon tape over their tape to further seal the seam between the top and bottom. Tara at Lacrosse was extremely helpful and knew exactly what the problem was with the sensor having water in it. Now just have to wait until we get rain to see how long it holds up.

  88. In case anyone is still following this thread, Costco again has $80 wireless weather stations. They appear to be the same as the WS-2812 listed on La Crosse’s site. I didn’t have time to look at it closely but I did take a picture that I put on Flickr. I plan to go back and buy one.

    1. I haven’t been able to get any of the weather software for Mac to work with the USB adapter. It probably needs a driver so that the software can recognize it as a serial adapter.

  89. 13 Nov 2010
    Re: Previous message dec. 2010 (search for ws2810)
    Found WS-2812 U-IT at costco san diego (la mesa) today (Nov 13, 2010). Several in stock.
    Searched every aisle in christmas section and other industrial items.
    Almost left store when passing by the aisle near tv’s. They were hidden in the printer paper section. go figure.

  90. hello, I’m an italian boy, i have buyed a lacrosse ws2810 in february 2010 from U.S ebayer. After several problems with the wind sensor(water entry in the sensor), now after 9 months the wind direction is blocked to WSW, while the speed is working properly. How can to do ? the problem has happened to someone?

    thanks for your answers

  91. Any WS2810 users have a recorded gust higher than 42.5 mph? The unit is supposed to detect gusts as high as 111.8 mph, but mine has never recorded anything higher than 42.5 mph

  92. Anybody tried THIS YEAR’S model from Costco (apparently the ws-2812) to say for sure if the issues from last year have been solved? The wind & rains sensor issues???

    1. My brother in Seattle picked one up a few weeks ago and so far so good. There have been a few others on Weatherforum that report the same. I’ve got one for my brother-in-law one as a replacement to his 2810 which died a few weeks back. Plan to do a swap out over Christmas. My 2810 is still running (Thank you God) since last Jan.

  93. Got this for my dad. I work at Costco and saw it on the self and knew it would be the perfect gift for my old man. Anyway despite all the returns of this unit I have seen (I believe people don’t know how to use it), the one I got for my dad works very good and He is very happy with it. No issues. Winds sensor seems to be a solid piece with no visible area for water to penetrate.

    We setup the wind sensor so It could charge in the natural light before we activated it. Once its was charged you have reset all units by removing batteries then hit the button on the wind sensor. Very cool gadget and very involved with the graphs you can make. My dad has a whole dedicated laptop that he leaves on 24/7 just for the station so all info that is gathered is constantly saved.

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