Phoenix Qwest Building Imploded

The boring and uninteresting Qwest building in Phoenix Arizona was imploded on September 27th. The explosion is apparently going to be part of the TLC TV show called “Dynamite Family”.

Although’s story includes a video, I recommend a comercial free version by user teamdroid on Flickr. I’m sure there’s more than a few on YouTube as well.

Ahwatukee Arizona's House Of The Future


When I was a kid growing up in Arizona one of the few memories I can recall is visiting the Ahwatukee Arizona “House of the Future” with my Cub Scout group. The house was built in 1979 at a cost $1,200,000 dollars. It was a demonstration for a planned community. It appears to have lost money every year it was sold.

Surprisingly there is no Wikipedia entry on the subject but I did find a June 23rd, 1980 article from InfoWorld on Google Book Search.

The house was designed by Charles R. Schiffner of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Built over 30 years ago it featured an advanced home automation system with five Motorola 6800 processors linked together. The system was designed by Motorola who was the major employer in Arizona at the time.

It’s important to note that the Ahwatukee home is not a computer controlled home, rather the home permits the tenant to to be in complete control of his environment, making the important decisions which will then be carried out by the microcomputer system.

That’s a quote from Charles E. Thompson, some marketing genius who seems to want to keep people from being scared of the computer controlled house. It’s also worth mentioning that 30 years later, I have been able to reproduce everything that house was capable of for a few thousand dollars and that such home automation capabilities have not yet caught on although the energy saving technologies have.

The house still exists today at 3713 Equestrian Trail, Phoenix, Az and can be seen on Google Maps. Although they gave tours back in the day for $3, I can’t seem to find any information on who the current owner is or even pictures of the interior on the internet.

Update 2016-01-14 More pictures of the house can be found at PrairieMod’s “More House Of The Future“.

Update 2012-12-27: I have found 10 photos from my trip from the early 1980’s.

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 1

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 2

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 3

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 4

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 5

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 6

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 7

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 8

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 9

Ahwatukee House Of The Future 10

my daughter and her boyfriend have been having open sex in the hallway

My favorites from the most recent Rants and Raves of the Rio Rancho Observer. Perhaps the second parents kid was having sex with the first parent’s kid.

“As a parent of a senior at Rio Rancho High School, I am in shock to have just found out that my daughter and her boyfriend have been having open sex in the hallway during lunch. Apparently there are no cameras or monitors of any kind! As a concerned parent for the safety of my children, I guess I was more focused on weapons being taken to school, drugs being sold to my children and gangs trying to recruit unsuspecting prey. Never would I have ever thought that sex in the hallway could go unnoticed, especially by staff or students.”

“Why I wouldn’t shake the hand of the Rio Rancho High School principal: My daughter is a blended student and takes a class at Rio Rancho High School. One day she called me in tears to pick her up early. She had been dropped for minor infractions. I tried to talk to Principal Richard VonAncken that Friday but found out he was too busy to talk with me. I went Monday to talk with him. I was never given the courtesy of a phone call; He would not see me on Friday. I learned that my daughter was no longer allowed on Rio Rancho High School’s campus from a police officer. The only paperwork I got was a trespassing warrant. I pay taxes; I served in the armed forces for 23 years. Is this how the schools treat people?”

More On Roundabouts

The City Of Rio Rancho publishes more information about the safety of roundabouts.


Improve Safety
Reduction in fatalities, reduction in injuries, reduction in all crash types, reduction in the severity of a crash if it does occur, slower speeds which allow drivers more time to react to a situation, and generally safer for pedestrians because they need only cross one direction of traffic at a time at each approach

Tom Joles Black Eye

Local New Mexico news report Tom Joles of KOB briefly explained why he had a black eye. Reasonable considering he shows his face on TV nearly every day.

The some of the unmoderated comments on’s website wanted to know why this was news. Other’s were not accepting the official explanation of a sinus related medical conditon. Here’s a few of my favorites.


Fitting. His entire field of so-called journalism has one too.


Has anyone ask Nicole Brady if ole Tom got a little frisky?


I heard that night in the ER that he was riding his horse at night and ran into a tree!!!


He was slugged by a stripper at Fantasy World.

Filmed In New Mexico: MacGruber


I admit to watching Saturday Night Live and while some shows and skits are better than others, I wouldn’t have expected MacGruber to be one of them to be made into a movie.

The MacGuyver parody started being filmed in Albuquerque starting August 31 and stars Will Forte and Kristen Wiig. New Mexico native Val Kilmer will play the villain and no word if Richard Dean Anderson will be in the movie.

The MacGruber movie will be released April 16, 2010.