Tempting Fate By Walking Around Barefoot

Small scorpion found in the kitchen

My floor is spotless thanks to my Roomba and I decided to tempt fate and walk around barefoot. Sure enough what did I find in the kitchen but a small scorpion. I found it before the cat so thus the scorpion lives.

2 Replies to “Tempting Fate By Walking Around Barefoot”

  1. i found a scorpian in my NEW house on 11/18/09 and it really creeped me out because i had never seen one before but it was only about 3 inches i hope you e-mail me back a reply on how to get rid of them by the way i live at [address removed] sorry i don’t know my zip code

    1. There’s not much you can do to get rid of them except to eliminate their source of food and seal your house. If you live in a developed area then I wouldn’t expect you to see them often.

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