Scorpion With A McDonald's Egg McMuffin

A high school teacher in my hometown of Chandler, Arizona claims to have found a scorpion in his bag when he bought an egg McMuffin from McDonalds. The story on Channel 15’s website describes the scorpion as a baby and more venoumus than an adult.

It wasn’t just any scorpion — it was a baby scorpion, which is even more venomous than it’s adult counterpart.

Both of these statements are false. The scorpion appears to be a Vaejovis spinigerus, that looks like the same kind of scorpion I find in New Mexico. This is probably an adult as they don’t get much bigger than this. Had Channel 15 bothered to just use google, they would have found the ASU’s “Ask A Biologist” website where Christopher Putnam states

Other people say the sting of a baby scorpion is more dangerous than the sting of an adult, but again, this is false. The venom in a scorpion’s stinger is the same all through a scorpion’s life.

I suppose it is possible for the scorpion to find it’s way into the bag. I would hope it didn’t get into the bag at the restaurant but maybe in at the manufacturer or during transport. I wasn’t able to find where the bags are made. Scorpions are found in Chandler, but since the city has become more developed they are not nearly as common as they used to be. I find the whole story suspicious.


2 Replies to “Scorpion With A McDonald's Egg McMuffin”

  1. Looks like a bark scorpion to me… and fully grown. I have seen quite a few of these. The scorpion could have easily crawled inside the bag at the McDonald’s. Scorpions are pretty fast and can get through a crack the size if the thickness of a credit card. I do wish “news’ articles would bother to look into their so called facts as you stated scorplings are no more dangerous than adults. This image gives you an idea of how small a baby scorpion is

  2. Bark scorpions do climb up things. My guess is if it really did come in the bag, it was walking along the ceiling and fell into an open bag. Perhaps the place sets out its bags the night before with napkins inside for the morning rush.

    I was disappointed so much in the story was false. It is an adult bark scorpion pretty easy to tell by the way the tail is held at the side and the segments in it. Also it is full or almost fully grown. And finally from anything I have ever read “baby” scorpions are no more dangerous than adults. Though scorpions are more dangerous to babies then they are to adult people in most cases, unless the adult person is allergic to the sting.

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