15,000 Square Foot Caste For Sale In Ibera Missouri For $350,000

A $650,000 Castle with 24″ stone walls is for sale in Ibera Missouri for only $350,000. Bring your own staff.


HISTORIC HAND CARVED STONE CASTLE. Three story 15,000 sq. ft. twenty four inch thick hand carved stone walls. all stones were quarried on the premises. Two huge hand carved stone fire places, over 20 rooms. Large carpeted chapel with stage. A new rubber roof was installed on Dec 15, 2008 it is guaranteed for 10 years but is expected to last at least 30 years. Over a dozen large bookcases are built in and should hold close to a thousand books. There are hundreds of books in the bookcases from the 1850 to 1915. Ceilings are 12 ft. high. Stone Castle is located in the ozark mountains in central Missouri and is only 12 miles from The Lake Of The Ozarks which has over a million visitors each year. Half of the visitors drive past the Stone Castle and stop at the corner of the property at a stop sign. A private airport and a helipad are located 1/2 mile away. A jet airport is 14 miles away. Two other jet airports are located 25 miles away, one South and one East. This would make an excellent Bed and Breakfast and antique shop. There are hundreds of antique items of furniure and kitchen collectables still in the building. There are two large wood stoves and two gas furnaces plus two fireplaces for heat. This is an area of Missouri that has a lot of wild game, rabbits, squirrels, wild turkey and deer are everywhere. There is over 20,000 acres of state park only 12 miles away. This is the perfect Stone Castle for a large family home. this has been my home for the past 28 years. This fine Stone castle has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1980. There are three other buildlngs next door for sale. One was built in 1830 for slave quarters for the town of IBERIA, another was a ladies dormitory three story 13000 sq. ft. 30 rooms plus full basement. Another Hand Carved Stone Building of three story 21,000 sq. ft sets on the adjoining block and is also for sale. I have owned this fine property for over 25 years. I have over $650,000 invested in this excellent large home and have just turned 83 years old and it is time to sell everything.

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