The Terrible Story Of Tyrus Toribio

Normally I wouldn’t write about the murder, death, kills in Albuquerque. The local media does a good enough job at that. I didn’t see the local media tell the horrific details that buggs did on a photo in his flickr stream.

Tiffany Toribio placed her hand over her 3-year-old son’s mouth as he slept on this playground bridge in the middle of the night.

She held him down until he stopped squirming.

Toribio then performed CPR on her son Tyrus who started breathing again. He was shaking, his eyes were rolled back. She then suffocated him again. She placed her hand over his face until he stopped breathing.

Only this time she didn’t revive little Ty.

She dug a hole with her hands in the sand underneath a swing set, put Ty in it and buried him.

One Reply to “The Terrible Story Of Tyrus Toribio”

  1. Hello, although I don’t know you I noticed you had a writing about Tyrus Toribio om your website. He was part of my family and I would like everyone who was touched by him to please go to this memeorial web-site at that I created and please “Light a Candle” in his memeory. Please foward to anyone else that you know that would also “Light a Candle” in memory of Tyrus. Thanks….

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