Santa Fe Style Portal Installation

A portal (pronounced port-al not port-ol) is what they call porches in New Mexico, at least when referring to Santa Fe style architecture.

This weekend I helped my friend Rick install a portal along with three other people. He said he needed help with raising one beam and it would take an hour. Riiiiight…

We ended up putting up the whole porch cover and it took about 5 hours. That’s OK, he will be over helping me with my projects.

We connected together 8 inch posts to corbels creating a 12 foot tall structure. This structure weighed too much for even five guys to raise and our first attempt failed with the corbels nearly falling off. OSHA would have shut the operation down.

Once we finally got the posts raised and used temporary 2×4 supports to keep it from falling over. Luckily there were no strong winds.

We them raised five 8 inch vigas (cross beams) that also weight too much and yet somehow we figured out a way to get them 12 feet in the air. We did not install the latillas, that’s Ricks job.

View the whole flickr set from my friend Rick on his flickr page.


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