Mcdonalds Sign Crushes Car In Window Rock Arizona

A couple driving from Tucson, Arizona to Chicago had their Chevy Trailblazer crushed when a Mcdonalds Golden Arches fell on it in Window Rock Arizona. 60MPH winds were apparently responsible for causing the sign to fall down. They were pretty seriously injured. This is probably part of the same storm that is in New Mexico now and I’ve had winds this fast at my house before. Imagine driving down the freeway with this kind of weather.

Window Rock is located on the Arizona and New Mexico border, north of Gallup New Mexico and north of Interstate 40. There’s a picture of Mcdonalds on Google Maps that could be the sign that crushed the car.


Via Jalopnik

2 Replies to “Mcdonalds Sign Crushes Car In Window Rock Arizona”

  1. yupyup. that is the sign there. it was still in the parking lot as of friday, 17 april, 2009. its held in place by ratchet straps on the ground, dont think its going to fall any lower.

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