Anticipating Intel's Earnings

Intel reports earnings April 14th for fiscal Q1 2009. As a stockholder and employee of Intel corporation, I watch the stock price (especially since the price has been depressed due to the poor economy) on a daily basis. I try not to hold to much stock but I also try to avoid high capital gains taxes so I have some shares.

I have no inside knowledge of what Intel will report and I have been watching the news like anyone else who is interested in INtel stock. I avoid listening to analysts as I think they have their own interests in mind but I tend give the Semiconductor Industry Association a little more credence. the SIA is saying semiconductor sales are not up.

Worldwide sales of semiconductors were $14.2 billion in February, a decline of 30.4 percent compared to February 2008 sales of $20.3 billion, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reported today. Sales declined by 7.6 percent from January when sales were $15.3 billion.


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