Drive Through Fail

Drive Through Fail (in Rio Rancho, NM)“. Saw this person ordering at the speaker box in the drive through at Burger King when I pulled up to the Namaste Cuisine of India and Nepal restaurant right across the street. That was a better picture and it looked like the manager had come to talk the person.

Drive through fail


13 Replies to “Drive Through Fail”

  1. I’m just curious, what seems to be humorous in this picture. Is it the people sitting in the automobiles that have no problem walking or the one person in the wheelchair that either has difficulty walking or can’t walk at all?

  2. It’s clearly not the people in cars going in the drive through that’s funny. It’s the person in the Rascal Scooter (or whatever it is) that could have gone into the restaurant. Instead they decided to suck up some exhaust fumes.

  3. Vio;entLee,
    You are exactly correct.

    Scott Cranford, get a life. If you can’t see any humor in this, you need to take a valium. Geesh!

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