5 Pictures From The Rio Rancho Flickr Pool

Have pictures of or in Rio Rancho, New Mexico? Join the Rio Rancho Flickr pool and post them. Here are some recently posted pictures.

Title: IMG_8573

By: rich_new_mexico


Title: IMG_0570 56 Chevy

Description: Park In The Park auto show event. April 26, 2008. Haynes Park, Rio Rancho, NM

By: rich_new_mexico


Title: colorful trees in fall

By: J-seth photography1


Title: Tiny visitor

Description: Very small in the backyard

By: Lady Rio


Title: Joan Marie at New Mexico Wildcat Football Game

Description: Joan Marie Yazze Gallegos “Miss New Mexico, 2008″…at the New Mexico Wildcat’s Indoor Football Team 1st Home Game. Here…she is with the Wildcat Dancers during the game.

By: “Miss New Mexico 2008” ~ Joan Marie


Baja BE500 500 Watt Electric Scooter


Costco has the Baja BE500 500 watt electric scooter for $599.88. That’s $200 cheaper than Amazon. Amazon’s one review gives it 4 stars.

It has a range up to 30 miles, 3-12 hour charge time and it’s rechargeable from 110V home outlet. I’m not sure how to figure out if I need a motorcycle license to drive it in New Mexico.

Crazy FedEx Delivery Route

When Smarthome had their last sale, I ordered a few things from them. I used the cheapest shipping which is through FedEx SmartPost. The package went from Irvine, CA to Los Angeles, CA to Denver, CO to Phoenix, AZ then back to Los Angeles, CA then to Denver, CO then finally arrived in Rio Rancho.


It’s as if they were doing everything they could to avoid brining the package through New Mexico. I realize this is the cheapest shipping option but I can’t see how Fed Ex saves any money this way.

Obama Speaks At My High School Tomorrow In Mesa, Arizona

Update 02/18/09: View video and more news on this event from Channel 3 in Phoenix.

President Obama will speak at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona tomorrow. I graduated from Dobson High in 1992.

Apparently they announced it monday morning and people rushed to the school to get tickets. Obama will be speaking in the school’s gymnasium which holds about 2000 people but there were only 400 tickets released.

ronaz08 on YouTube has a video of his sons waiting in line on Monday which shows at least a 1000 people lined up.

It’s interesting that Obama chose the state of Arizona, where McCain is a senator. Obama apparently didn’t inform or invite McCain to the event. The other senator for Arizona couldn’t change his plans.

“That’s too late for me to change my plans,” Kyl said. “In any event I wouldn’t be speaking. I would be standing there while he’s announcing something that I know nothing about. The time to talk about these things is before the fact, not after the fact.”

Of course, there are protests being organized.

Although I don’t miss living in Arizona I might have planned a trip back home if I could have acquired tickets for the event.

Mobster Movie Style Death In Rio Rancho

New Mexico’s location to Mexico means there’s often some sort of dead body out on the mesa related to drug trafficking.

Danny Baca was apparently supposed to take about $7000 worth of drugs to a drug cartel contact in El Paso. Instead he decided to come to Albuquerque. A mistake since they found his body, which had been burnt and shot, out on the mesa.

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department says Baca was killed over a relatively small amount of money–but the drug cartels aren’t know for cutting people breaks.

You would think anyone getting into the drug business would know this.


My Comments Elsewhere

I continue to develop this blog as the central location of everything I do on the internet. I can integrate Flickr, Twitter, Delicious and so on but one thing missing are the comments I leave across the web.

Backtype is attempting to do that. It connects to a variety of services and can keep a record of comments that you have made. The services it can claim comments from currently include Digg, Disqus, Friend Feed, Gawker Media, Hacker News, Intense Debate, Live Journal, Mahalo Answers, Posterous, Reddit, Vox and Facebook.

I have accounts on a number of these services however I rarely leave comments on them. What about Flickr, YouTube, Blogger, TypePad and WordPress.com or self hosted wordpress blogs?

Backtype does allow you to manually enter blogs where you comment, but does not find them. You must remember to enter them at Backtype. I found that when I entered a few blogs it pulled ALL of the comments I for the site. Not just the ones I made. Perhaps I was doing something wrong?

I am expecting Backtype to add capability and to support more websites over time so I’ve started using a WordPress plugin to archive and display the comments i’ve made. My Comments Elsewhere is a WordPress plugin that interfaces with BackType. It apparently works with CoComment as well but I can’t figure out how to configure that. It provides a user configurable digest mode and a widget. So far I’ve been happy with the few comments it’s displayed in the widget but haven’t tested the digest capability. This is one area where I expect a lot of growth so would easily change to other services.

Ed Grothus Of The Black Hole Died Today

Ed Grothus, proprietor of the os Alamos Sales Company most commonly known as The Black Hole has died today.

Ed Grothus worked at Los Alamos National Labs building nuclear bombs, quitting that job and becoming a anit-nucelar activist and then founding the The Black Hole. The Black Hole is a store which has military surplus and salvage equipment from the Los Alamos Labs in New Mexico. The Black Hole web site says they are a recycler of nuclear waste. The Black Hole is famous for providing movie props and materials for artists.

Ed was the subject of three documentaries: Atomic Ed & The Black Hole, Los Alamos und die Erben Der Bombe and Laboratory Conditions. He also received various awards.

There is a video on YouTube entitled The Black Hole in which Ed tells his story.