Life-Threatening Rio Rancho Schools Sound Like A Terrible Place

Rio Rancho schools sound like a real scary place to send your kids according to a commenter in the latest edition of Rio Rancho Observer’s Rants and Raves. The comment is related to the ongoing debate of teaching of intelligent design and evolution and the election of school board members who believe in the former.

“The Ranter who wrote for the Feb. 8 edition of The Observer doesn’t have an understanding that the vote spoke for itself. Parents knew what they were voting for to help settle their fears. Changes are needed at the schools. The overcrowding, gang fights, shootings, beatings, suicides, teen pregnancy, rapes, teachers having affairs with students, disobedience, fowl language, indecent dressing attire and lack of funding are the needs for change. If the Supreme Court personnel had the life-threatening conditions the children have, prayer in school would be reinstated soon. The Ranters main agenda is to have evolution taught which is against the parent’s wishes. There’s no accountably, no discernment, no conscience from right or wrong and the wicked and perverse actions are ruling. Our children deserve better. The vote spoke for the schools needs and the children will eventually feel safer. God bless our children and give them protection.”

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