Baja BE500 500 Watt Electric Scooter


Costco has the Baja BE500 500 watt electric scooter for $599.88. That’s $200 cheaper than Amazon. Amazon’s one review gives it 4 stars.

It has a range up to 30 miles, 3-12 hour charge time and it’s rechargeable from 110V home outlet. I’m not sure how to figure out if I need a motorcycle license to drive it in New Mexico.


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  1. Hello Greg in the desert,
    I have the exactly the same bike as you do, even down to the color…I purchased it new and paid $375 before tax…It was purchased in Santee, CA…

    As an answer to your question, you do not need a motorcycle license in any state within the US…There are state and local laws regarding ebicycles…However, there is a federal law that supercedes any state law requirement…It is the “Federal Electric Bicycle Law” HR727…Look it up on the web and make a copy…I keep a copy of both that and my state law requirements in my bike at all times…The little glove compartment by the ignition switch is a good place to store it away…I hope this helps you…

    1. Hi Kathy, would you mind telling me the store you bought the Baja Electric Scooter for $375?
      The cheapest seems Costco for $599. Thank you!

  2. Hi Greg, I purchased my Baja BE500 electric scooter at GTM in Santee, CA…GTM stands fro General Trade Merchandise…It was actually priced at $500…However, I used the web-site coupon of the week to purchase the scooter…The coupon was for any one item at 25% off…That made the scooter $375 before tax…Yes, a great deal!!! Attached is a picture of my scooter…I believe that it is the exact same one that appeared in your Costco picture… Kathy

    1. I need you help, I am facing charges right now in AZ for driving under a suspended license on this Baja 500, this is a very evil state with driving laws. The cop claims I was doing 22 MPH but could you please tell me if the speedometer is in kilometers or mph please?

      Please email me

      Thank you

  3. My Baja500’s charger did not turn off while charging the batteries. It is kept in the garage located under my bedroom. The scooter only has 42 miles on it…. the house was filled with acid fumes and the batteries melted together.
    I called Baja 3 days ago they say, it’s out of warranty not to mention the tuff luck attitude of their rep. My family was going to bed when this happened, thank goodness it was not an hour later we would have all been asleep.

    1. Cheryl,

      when did you call and if you can please provide me with a name and i should be able to help from there.
      better yet call our offices bajamortosports that is and no one will ever tell you so. 1 888 863 2252 option 2 for Tech support.
      your purchase reciept is encouraged to still have for further assistance.
      or email me at service@bajamortosports with a little bit of a background on where you saw this etc… thank you.

      1. I had the same problem with the batteries melting down, and was told, by baja, that there was nothing they could do for me.
        I purchased better batteries from a different vendor and soldered them into what was left of the battery case. Now the electronics are good, but I can’t keep the rear tire from going flat. I couldn’t do a new tube myself, because the rim started to bend when I tried to pry the tire up. So I had to pay a tire shop to put in a new tube and it only lasted 2 days.
        Does anyone have any idea where I can get a solid rubber tire for this thing?

  4. Hello, I had the same problem as Cheryl with my batteries melting together, and I have only had my scooter for 2 months, and I have tried contacting baja motorsports using the and I am not getting an answer from anyone. All I want is to have my 4 batteries replaced that has melted together, and as I said I have only had this scooter for 2 months, it was purchased on 2-26-2010, and now the charger didn’t shut off like it was suppose to just like what happened to Cheryls bike, and I can’t get a single person to answer me at Baja motorsports in regards to replacing the batteries, cause I don’t feel that I should have to pay $400 for the replacement batteries 2 months after purchasing the scooter brand new.

    If anyone has any suggestions or can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. I got my BE500 from Canadian Tire in Northern Ontario Canada June 10th. 2010 and had a charging problem with the batteries 2 weeks later. The right on would charge but the left one didn’t. I was lucky. The store changed both batteries @ no cost but I was informed that there is NO WARRANTY ON THE BATTRIES. This is on the second page of the owner’s manual in both the American and Canadian books “Motor Warranty – 90 days Frame Warranty – 90 days”. Nothing else has a warranty.

  5. I had the sam problem as the other people above. The first night I watched the charger and it went ‘green’ and turned off and the scooter worked great

    So I felt comfortable letting it stay on all night and that it was charging properlly and shutting it off when fully charged. AS INSTRUCTED by the dealer.

    Then 2 days later I woke up to an awful smell and the batteries had melted and the charger itself caught on fire.

    I bought it at ACE HARDWARE for $599 and they are refusing to do anything. I filed a small claims court suit.

    It actually was a great scooter- good range (30 miles the first day easy) and real smooth ride, power, acceleration.

    I think the problem is the cheap batteries and/or charger they put with it. ACE HARDWARE should be lucky a small claims court suit is all they are geting- if my house had burned down and someone died we would be having a vastly different argument

    I dont even know who the manufacturer is or how well they stand behind their prodeuct- I have not gotten past ACE HARDWARE and their piss poor attitude toward customer service.

    If you buy this WATCH THE BATTERIES AND CHARGER!!!! or better yet scrap the existing charger and buy a good one with computer control and good signal conditioning

    As for the guy from AZ with the traffic ticket- FIGHT IT!!! this is classified as a BICYCLE (did you show them the peddles?)

    We had the same argument with LE once- but my girlfriend is cute and petite with big boobs and so we wom that one…

  6. My daughter bought the Baja Electric Scooter, road it once., charged it per the instructions and the next day it wouldn’t even turn on. The charger light never switched over to show that it was charged.

    We took the batteries to “Batteries Plus” and they tested it and said they were fried. Very discouraging to spend several hundred dollars, get defective merchandise and not be able to use the product. The scooter has sat here for days, never running. I will call the company in the morning.

  7. After 3 months my scooter batteries fried…melted. I called Baja and received no help, I was told that the battteries were either bad or the charger is bad. They would not replace the batteries so I ended up paying lot of money to purchase 4 new batteries and now the charger will not charge them. I have to buy a new charger now. I purchased the bike at Costco and to my amazement they would not cover it either. The bike was fun to ride unfortunately I have only been able to ride it a couple times and since it has set since the batteries melted and unable to charge the new ones I am not a happy camper here. I wish I would never had purchase the bike.

  8. Our batteries fried the charge! I called the company and got no product help, but did get some info.

    Fortunately, I was able to swap batteries with the retailer who sold it to me, Liberty Market Place in Pinetop AZ, who I recommend doing business with wholeheartedly!

    So, far with the new battery no problem except the charger light never seems to go off. You kind of have to guess if its fully charged and not let it go too long. I read another post somewhere that the charger was a problem.

    Also George at Baja scooters, said they wrote the directions wrong.

    If I understand correctly:

    1) The switch next to the batteries should be “on” to charge. (even though the directs say “off”).
    2) The battery comes with a charge, even though the instructions don’t tell you that. This can contribute to the tendency to overcharge and fry the battery.
    3) As mentioned above, charge carefully and Do NOT rely on the charger to either;
    a) stop charging when the battery is full
    b) indicate by changing to a green light when the battery is full.

    Sad details on this scooter. Too bad because in theory its a wonderful product. But these flaws make it VERY frustrating and super-tough for me to recommend their brand at all. No wonder Costco isn’t carrying them anymore.

    Tag words: Baja electric scooter, bad battery, don’t buy

    1. The BE500 isn’t on Baja’s website anymore so I contacted my daeler and I was told that Baja doesn’t make the BE500 anymore so you won’t see them anywhere.

  9. i just got the cute red baja. only 6 miles on it. but, after readin a few words here i realize that my chances of riding it to the beach are slim to none. it starts but will only run 5 sec and shut off. im very discouraged to hear of all the problems with the batteries. the baja was a given to me by a friend. i was injured 10 years go in a motorcycle accident, a spinalcord injury keeps me from walking far. this is my ticket to a relaxing summer. im still hopefull. so with the help of some of you folks i’d like to find a solution to my current problem. im checking with the original owner for a reciept. any ideas on what my options are?

  10. Cheri – There is an anti-theft controller on these scooters. That same thing is happening to me. I am trying to find the information to turn it off. I will post here again if I find the information.

    1. If you look up the PDFs for the repair & maitance online you will find the schematic’s & it will have the electric schematics there it will show you the wiring for BE500 also you can turn off governor for the speed control , it just unplugs under the front by the handle bars , good luck

  11. Update – I said before that the BE500 had an anti-theft controller. It is on the “Electric Diagram” in the Owners Manual but IT DOES NOT EXIST. At least on mine it doesn’t. I have been having the problem of the motor stopping intermitantly. So I suspected a malfunctioning anti-theft controller. I traced all the wires from the controller today and accounted for all of them. There are no wires that could go to an anti-theft controller so I looked elsewhere for the problem. Turns out that the lights still are working when the guage goes to nothing. A longer story shorter – I found one of the battery posts was not soldered properly and would disconnect at times. Oh Yeah, they soldered the wires to the battery posts. I guess we are not expected to replace the batteries ourselves.
    So Cheri, you should inspect or have inspected the connections on the batteries.

  12. Does anyone know how to disconnect/remove the wire for the rear tire when changing that rear tire? Anybody have instructions? I called Baja and they didn’t know referring me to a place that no longer services these scooters.

    1. Mine had a molex type plug and three wire connect with tap splice connectors just under the back (under the back part of the seat) of the black battery bucket.
      Remove the seat and the batteries and you can lift the black cover enough to access the wires.
      When I put mine back together I soldered the wire together and eliminated the tap splice connectors. They looked like a problem waiting to happen.

      1. I had change my tube, so I cut the wires. When I reconnected the rear tire vibrates when I hit the throttle, but it does not turn. The wheel spins freely when power off. I would like to confirm that the heavy yellow/green/blue from the control box connect to the same colours on the wheel motor cable?

      2. Update on wiring… I played with combinations of colors between the motor and controller and found the winning combination: blue to blue, green to yellow, yellow to green.

  13. I ordered new battery pack from Baja Motorsports for my BE500. No response for over 9 mos. Didn’t realize I should save the battery box. Now have replacement batteries but not wiring for hookup. Anyone know where those might be available? Will see if Radio Shack might have something that might work. Thanks

  14. does anyone know where the governer wire is because the manual show like a little plug inside the throttle cover but mine does not have one

  15. Hi, I have 2 of these scooters. I live in Chandler, AZ. Okay, here is my advice if you buy one of these scooter or have one. The stock batteries are junk, buy better replacement lead batteries, or get custom lithium from China. The issue you will have within a few months is the read tire tube will start leak, replace it with one from a motorcycle or scooter business, they sell them. Ebay has just about any replacement part you need for these BE500 After some replacement and upgrades to the scooters they work perfectly. I have about 400km on my two. They get faster and better as they break in.

    1. Can you suggest any place to buy Li-Ion batteries. I also had the same battery melting experience and Baja wont do anything about the crap they install. I am looking into replacing my batteries and was curious about what the cost difference would be to buy Li-Ion over regular batteries and does it cause any damage to your scooter? And lastly, did you need to buy a special charger for the Li-ion batteries and if so do you have a link for that also. Thanks

  16. for those having problems with the batteries melting one DONT PUT THEM IN THE CASE i just wired mine directly and put a peice of styrofoam between them so the they dont touch and i have to turn the eletric swich on for it to charge but keep an eye on the charge time or it will melt the switch and for those who cantfind the govner wire sit on te seat and it is in the left hanlebar ad for the person who wants a solid tire buy greenslime ad it will make the tire solid

    1. My governor wire is on the right sight handlebar near the throttle. You may have to remove some of the plastic to find it.
      Also, I really am looking for a solid rubber tire. I have tried slime and it lasted for about 4 miles on s new tube.
      Not being able to find a solid tire, I am thinking of using a pirelli tire and having it foam filled. Have any of you ever tried a foam filled tire?

  17. I agree that once the bugs are worked out you will have a great scooter. The governor should be removed. You need better batteries period. As far as tires its just like anything else don’t run over shit and you wont get a flat.

  18. Posted here befor about batteries melting during charge.
    Baja did send me new batteries and charger, it took awhile back then.
    Then after that the bike only would get about 5 miles to the charge.
    It took a very long time but now we have 200 miles on it and this last time I charged it take a guess what happened ??? yup, the batteries melted again.
    Called baja and asked if they have recalled this product, NO. They do not offer replacement batteries, not that I would want them.
    It was stressed to me that it was out of warrenty, of course as it was the first time…
    But,,, I did ask him about other owners and the purchase of batteries like at battery plus and he said he has heard of customers doing that and has not heard back from those customers… so no news is good news maybe ?
    I do have to say, not happy with the product/company.


  19. I have had my BE500 since July 2010. Had to change the batteries 2 week later.
    I used my bike till Oct. 2010 and stored it for the winter.
    I charged the batteries every month as recommended.
    I took it out of storage in Apr. 2011.
    I used my bike 2 0r 3 times and the batteries melted together and now won’t take a full charge.
    I have over 800 miles on it now.
    The governor isn’t working any more and by law here it’s not supposed to go more than 20 mph., the speedometer works when it wants to, and one head light is burnt out.
    I’m getting rid of this piece of junk and buying an 2011 Ecoped Pulse Electric Scooter from Walmart.

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