Obama Speaks At My High School Tomorrow In Mesa, Arizona

Update 02/18/09: View video and more news on this event from Channel 3 in Phoenix.

President Obama will speak at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona tomorrow. I graduated from Dobson High in 1992.

Apparently they announced it monday morning and people rushed to the school to get tickets. Obama will be speaking in the school’s gymnasium which holds about 2000 people but there were only 400 tickets released.

ronaz08 on YouTube has a video of his sons waiting in line on Monday which shows at least a 1000 people lined up.

It’s interesting that Obama chose the state of Arizona, where McCain is a senator. Obama apparently didn’t inform or invite McCain to the event. The other senator for Arizona couldn’t change his plans.

“That’s too late for me to change my plans,” Kyl said. “In any event I wouldn’t be speaking. I would be standing there while he’s announcing something that I know nothing about. The time to talk about these things is before the fact, not after the fact.”

Of course, there are protests being organized.

Although I don’t miss living in Arizona I might have planned a trip back home if I could have acquired tickets for the event.

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