A Change On How Links Are Published

The links I post daily are surprisingly popular, and have become even more popular since I started adding small summaries to them.

I use the social bookmarking site del.icio.us (del.icio.us/gregjsmith) to gather all my links. I post them throughout the day then had Delicious post them to my blog. I didn’t really like letting Delicious have control of the posting and recently found the WordPress plugin postalicious. Postalicious pulls the links from Delicious (it also works with ma.gnolia, Google Reader, Reddit, Yahoo Pipes and Jumptags) allowing me control over how the post looks and when they are posted. I could post every hour if I wanted, thought I think that would be too much.

I didn’t like the way the link posts looked on the front page, so I disabled the Delicious category from appearing on the front page (using the Simply Exclude plugin) but they will still post on the RSS feed. If you get updates to Greg In The Desert by visiting the site, I suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe by email or visit the category.


5 Replies to “A Change On How Links Are Published”

  1. Do you have a list of the widgets you are running? (What generates “Comments Made Elsewhere”?)

    On design, I really liked iNove (and switched my theme to his other one). The one after that was a bit worse, and this just hurts my eyes. It lacks white space or color definition to set off the side bars and tends to look more like a solid page of text. (Just my opinion.)

  2. I agree on the design issue. However iNove was missing some features. This theme, Atahualpa, has a incredible number of options and I will be improving the color and styling.

    I’ve already got a post in the works on the plugins I’m using.

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