Arizona Posts From Charles Platt On Boing Boing

Charles Platt has had a number of posts on Boing Boing about Arizona (Unfortunately there’s no way for me to link to just his posts on Arizona or just his posts on Boing Boing). Since I am from Arizona, I have particularly enjoyed these posts. Arizona is so much more than the heavily populated and oppressively hot Phoenix Metro area.




His latest is about the Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, Arizona. I have never heard of either. Sahuarita, Arizona is located south of Tucson near Green Valley. There are about 1000 pictures related to the museum on Flickr.




I also liked his post with a view from a “former mining town” somewhere in Arizona. It could from a number of places. He doesn’t mention where exactly (probably Jerome).

I also have a number of photos on Flickr about Arizona and posts here on this blog you can check out.

Titan Missile photo from Telstar Logistics on Flickr.

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