13 Bodies Found On Albuquerque's West Side Amole Mesa

Victoria Chavez anbd Michelle Gina Valdez were identified as 2 of 13 bodies found at KB Home’s housing development on Albuquerque’s Amole mesa on the west side of town near 118th and Dennis Chavez SW. Police think that one person buried the bodies between 2001 and 2005.

The problem, as The New Mexico Independant points out, the police are treating this as if these are cold cases and the person who did it isn’t currently active. Yes, the two bodies that were identified had criminal pasts. That does not mean all of the bodies were those of criminals? What if there’s still a serial killer on the loose?

Does anyone else feel like we’re being told: Yes, we are still pulling bones from the ground but these people were drug users, prostitutes and transients (and not coincidentally, apparently all women) so… all you normal people out there in ABQ, sitting on the couch watching this on the news, you have nothing to worry about.

Jeremy Jojola, a reporter for Channel 4 KOB, has set up a blog called Mesa Mystery to track the largest crime sceen in Albuquerque’s history.

When the crime scene is gone the housing construction will continue. There are no state laws that the real estate agent or developer has to reveal the site was the location of a murder. Will people remember and still buy houses there?

The Albuquerque Police have set up a tip line at 1-877-SOLV-APD (1-877-765-8273)

Ghost Shadow: Albuquerque's Real Life Superhero

Apparently Albuquerque has a super hero and his name might be Ghost Shadow. Might be because he (and I’m assuming he is a he) didn’t want to tell the Alibi what his real superhero name is.

According the email interview, Ghost Shadow is 42 years old, wears a kevlar suit and sometimes a mask and has been doing it since 911.

I don’t keep up with the superhero scene here in town or elsewhere, but I haven’t seen any reports that attribute crime fighting to any of these guys. You would think that if a mysterious hero saved someone from crime that it would be on KOB.

Train Engine AT&SF 2926 Restoration In Albuquerque


Johnny Mango has a terrific story on Duke City Fix about the restoration of the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe railroad locomotive 2926. The locomotive sat in Coronado Park in Albuquerque from 1956 to 2000 and was a jungle gym until they surrounded it with chain link fence and then finally moved it in 2000.

They are trying to get the train restored in time for the statehood centennial in 2012. They need another $500,000 to complete the project in time.

killbox has a number of pictures of this train on Flickr.

Life-Threatening Rio Rancho Schools Sound Like A Terrible Place

Rio Rancho schools sound like a real scary place to send your kids according to a commenter in the latest edition of Rio Rancho Observer’s Rants and Raves. The comment is related to the ongoing debate of teaching of intelligent design and evolution and the election of school board members who believe in the former.

“The Ranter who wrote for the Feb. 8 edition of The Observer doesn’t have an understanding that the vote spoke for itself. Parents knew what they were voting for to help settle their fears. Changes are needed at the schools. The overcrowding, gang fights, shootings, beatings, suicides, teen pregnancy, rapes, teachers having affairs with students, disobedience, fowl language, indecent dressing attire and lack of funding are the needs for change. If the Supreme Court personnel had the life-threatening conditions the children have, prayer in school would be reinstated soon. The Ranters main agenda is to have evolution taught which is against the parent’s wishes. There’s no accountably, no discernment, no conscience from right or wrong and the wicked and perverse actions are ruling. Our children deserve better. The vote spoke for the schools needs and the children will eventually feel safer. God bless our children and give them protection.”