500 Internal Server Error

Last night around 11 pm MST greginthedesert.net went into a “500 Internal Server Error” state. The main WordPress page or admin pages were unresponsive. My first real issue since going with real web hosting about 3 weeks ago. Even though I hadn’t messed with WordPress since the morning, I assumed it was something I did or it was a plugin that failed.

I logged in via FTP and copied everything from the plugin folder to my hard drive then deleted them from the server. Still no response. Determining it was late and I needed to work in the morning, and that my blog was not mission critical, I sent a note to support about the problem and went to bed.

MacHighway support responded about 2 am with the following:


Your site should work now. It looks like a glitched PHP binary (part of the PHP scripting system) was causing a problem. I recompiled PHP and things are working now.

That’s a quick turn around and a great response in my opinion.

WordPress ran since 2 am this morning without plugins. Once I copied them back over via FTP they started working again without issue. Only 1 spam managed to make it through without the Akismet anti-spam plugin running.


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