What To Do With Excess Scorpions? How About Drink Them

Since I have had problems with scorpions, I keep finding in my house in the last few years, I’ve been trying to think of something to do with them. Instead of just releasing them back outside maybe I could sell them on the internet or something.

68C374AC-6802-44DE-B159-ED385683F73D.jpgOr how about turn them into Vodka.

Scorpion Vodka is made with farm raised buthus martensii scopions, made in china of course.

According to their website:

Alcohol infused with a scorpion is said to possess many excellent health properties when drunk, such as helping to increase libido, lowering blood pressure & helps remove toxins in the bloodstream.

If scorpion vodka doesn’t do it for you, they have other stuff such as edible worms or crocodile curry.

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