How Corrupt Are New Mexico Government Officials?

I have often thought that New Mexico government is more corrupt than it should be. At least comparing to where I come from: the Phoenix Metro Area. Apparently I’m not the only one according to the New Mexico Independent.

The numbers were good when we looked at how New Mexico did in terms of raw numbers of guilty officials (we were 48th) and guilty officials per capita (46th). But then there was a twist: ”Reporters who cover the Roundhouse in New Mexico think it’s a pretty darn corrupt state — we’re ranked No. 3,” Marjorie Childress wrote. “…Does this mean our reporters are biased? Or does it mean we have really poor ethics laws and really poor prosecution by U.S. attorneys in our state?” she asked.

This is all in relation to Governor Richardson withdrawal as commerce secretary and the pay-to-play scandal. Prior to that the Manny Aragon courthouse construction scandal. Even prior to that the Rio Rancho Mayor.


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