WordPress Switch Status

I started blogging with iBlog in 2003. It seemed dead for a while so I moved to Bloxsom with static rendering and using MarsEdit. That sort of kinda worked with my .mac account. I wanted a more GUI and less painful solution and I moved to RapidWeaver.

All three of those blogging platforms allowed me to use my MobileMe account. RapidWeaver turned out to be nearly a disaster so I finally bit the bullet and gave up on MobileMe as a blog host and moved to a dedicated host with WordPress. Thanks to the power of Applescript, I was able to move my posts from each of these blogging platforms by parsing the raw HTML.

I used Haloscan as the commenting system for the first three blog systems. I have over a 1000 comments in a XML file but I have no idea how to import them into WordPress. Some of the comments are attached to entry titles from iBlog and are named something like “E2111612822”. I have no idea what post those comments go to.

Importing old comments is the only unsolved challenge. There’s a number of plugins that have nearly solved all my other issues such as redirect and search & replace. Not to mention to all the other cool stuff like the Yet Another Related Posts plugin. I still have several hundred broken links and google hasn’t fully got the clue that I moved all the pages, but those are things that will get fixed soon enough.

If only I can figure out the importing of comments thing.


5 Replies to “WordPress Switch Status”

  1. Wordrpess has a fairly robust import ability. Have you tried exporting the comments from the current wordpress site to see the format that they would need to end up in to be imported? The hardest part will likely be the unique identifier conversion.

    On a side note, the Subscribe to Comments plugin is a great thing to have for occasional visitors. (Yeah, I probably need to get around to installing it too.)

  2. Yeah, I checked it it. It’s a rather complicated XML file. The thing I wonder is if I generate a new XML with the current entries with new comments attached, will WP just import the new comments and ignore the rest?

    I did install a subscribe to comments via email plugin. Apparently it’s not working.

  3. @Greg Smith I have no idea if it would re-import them or not. (I was just suggesting you use the export to ensure you get the format right.) If the default WordPress export is too complicated, you may be able to import comments using another blog export format. WordPress imports somewhere close to a dozen formats.

    Also, if to help fix issues you might have with old imported data, I recommend Broken Link Checker. It’s found some images that are no longer on my site. I would be much happier if I actually could find the backups, since none of the pictures can be re-created…

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