Happy Birthday To Someone Not Me

I got two emails to my gmail account wishing me a birthday. From people I don’t know. For a birthdate long passed.

Greg: Hope you are having a great bday. I am guessing the weather is a little warmer for you-it is freezing here with it only to get colder in the next 24 hours!!! We are leaving on Fri. for Breckenridge-all of us are going sking this year-we are going to try Anna in ski school and i am actually going to try to ski-it has been 15 years since i’ve skied so say many many prayers that i come home in one piece. your brother is so excited-i think he likes winter sports much more than i do!!!! the kids are doing well-sam is playing bball and so is emma-if you want a good laugh one of her games is the ticket. she is having fun trying!!! max and anna are keeping me company-as usual. would love to hear from you and hear how its going. we are thinking of you. Brian and Angie

And this one


Just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you on your 30th birthday! Wow! Where have the years gone?
HAPPY, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!!! (a day early)

The Fickels

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