Door-To-Door Tamale Salesmen

Where else do you find door-to-door tamale salesmen? Probably not many places.

About once a year or so, we manage to be home when the door-to-door tamale salesman comes calling. This year, a friend of ours who was visiting our house answered the door. We heard him say, “No, thanks,” figured out who had knocked, and went sprinting down the street barefoot after the tamale man. I would rather have glass in my foot and some tamales than a glass-free foot and no tamales.

I’m really picky about tamales. I don’t know what this guy does to the masa, but it’s salty, flavorful and moist. He walks around Barelas with a cooler full of the delicious things and sells them by the half dozen. We buy heaps and don’t freeze them. We just eat them three meals a day until they’re gone.

I was telling someone about the tamale man, and he said something to the effect of “You don’t know what he’s putting in those things. There’s no one checking his sanitation,” blah blah blah. This guy could be filling his tamales with elephant meat in the back of a garbage truck, and I would still be a devotee.

Be on the lookout for an older guy with a cowboy hat and a rolling cooler with a handle. Best tamales on planet Earth, no exaggeration.

No Public Access To Xprize This Year


I went to the second annual xprize cup competion in Las Cruces in 2006. Although incredibly windy it was a great event to attend. This year they don’t have the money for a public display so only registered attendees get in. What a bummer.

“The Cup as it has traditionally been held is not (going to happen this year) because of funding levels it takes to run a massive public event,” Steve Landeene, executive director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, told the Sun-News.

“And the fact that the air show at Holloman is not on this year … that was part of the decision-making process that went into saying, ‘Hey, we don’t have the funds to have a massive public event.’ So what we’re doing this year is kind of a hybrid,” Landeene said.



Pretty sure this is a tarantula I found walking up my drive way tonight. It’s small, about this size of a wolf spider.

This is the first tarantula I’ve seen, although I’ve had plenty of Scorpions. I welcome them onto my property and even into my house.

I tried to run back outside to capture it but I couldn’t find it.

Ugly Balloon Crash In Rio Rancho


Every year during the Balloon Fiesta there will no doubt be a balloon crashing into something, usually power-lines. This year there was a spectacular crash when the “Wings of Wind” basket caught fire after running into power lines. One of the two passengers died and the pilot was badly injured. The incident occurred about 3 miles from my house at the intersection of NM 528 and NM 550.

During 2007’s Balloon Fiesta, a woman fell out of a balloon and died later in the hospital.

It seems some years the Balloon Fiesta goes on without a hitch, other years it just kinda ugly. The balloons are always at the whim of the weather and in fall the only thing you can predict is it will be windy.

Obama'08 vs The City Of Chandler

When I first saw Barack Obama on TV with his campaign logo, i kept wondering why he was always speaking in the city of Chandler, Arizona (my home town). He wasn’t, their logos just look very similar. Maybe if they are far away and you squint your eyes.


APD And Fake George Bush

Someone called the Albuquerque Journal to report George Bush being escorted by the APD (with blurry cell phone picture) at the Sunport.

We contacted Police Chief Ray Schultz who acted suprised that we knew. He kept saying it was a matter of national security and he couldn’t talk about it. Well, after some hard questioning that would make Katie Couric proud, Schultz admitted that his officers did escort someone who looked like George W. Bush through the sunport.

Natonal Security? You would think the Secret Service would be involved and not the local police.

11.43 Million Dollars Each

Not too shabby.

Nine people from Roswell have come forward and claimed the $207 million Powerball jackpot from last Saturday’s drawing.
The group collectively purchased the winning ticket from a gas station on Main Street in Roswell. They have decided to take a $102.9 million lump sum.
The nine are identified as Carl and Holly Baldwin, Kevin and Jessica Breedyk, Ron and Cindy Miller, Ryan and Nicole Miller, and Randy Miller.
Holly Baldwin purchased the tickets at a gas station two hours before the Sept. 27 drawing with money pitched in by the group.
Ron Miller said the winners will invest most of the money and set up a trust for charity. The winning numbers were 13, 24, 29, 40, 52 with 29 as the Powerball number.