Wasting Water

Pasted Graphic

My water bill for the month of August shows I used 9000 gallons of water. A 10x increase over the last 9 months. I’m a single guy who’s not home most of the time and didn’t water his yard at all this summer. Something’s not right.

City of Rio Rancho Water, I will be visiting you.

One Reply to “Wasting Water”

  1. As and owner of many homes in Rio Rancho I know about water problems. I have replaced many flappers in homes that are only 3 years old. I think the quality of the alkali water has something to do with it. Put a little food dye in the tank of the toilet and watch to see if any goes into the bowl. Give it 3 minutes or so. If dye gets into bowl replace the flapper. The other problem is that the building dept. did not require pressure regulators for the water supply into the house. When the pressure goes too high which it has in the past, the toilets has a pressure relief valve built into the flush valve and releases water into the tank wasting water. This is know in the Vantage homes I have and possible others.

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