Riding My Bike To Work

A while back I suggested that I would start riding my bike to work. At the time it didn’t work out because I have to be in the factory at 7 am 5 days a week. I have a hard enough time getting up in time to drive to work let alone getting up early to ride to work. A few weeks ago I started back on a compressed work week schedule which means I work Sundays. Since I didn’t need to be in at exactly 7 am, I got a chance to try out biking.

I was able to find a path that almost completely avoids main roads. Rio Rancho (and Albuquerque) and not on the top of the list of bike friendly cities. Many of the roads don’t have sidewalks let alone bike paths. Those that have sidewalks only have them on one side of the street.

The 5.3 mile ride into work takes me about 25 minutes and it’s all down hill. This means less effort on my part and less sweating and I can avoid the shower and change of clothes. The ride home is much tougher and takes me 45 minutes. I learned the hard way that non cotton clothing is the way to go. Getting the sweat off my body is absolutely imperative if I don’t want to collapse on the way home.

This week my truck broke down (started overheating, it was the thermostat) and I had to ride my bike in 3 of the 4 days of my shift. I learned that I can get up in time to be in at 7 am. Even though my truck is supposedly fixed, I will try to ride my bike in again next week. I expect to save money of fuel but will I loose some of this fat off my body?


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