Resolving The 6X Red Blinking Light Of Death On My Sony TV (with pictures)

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The following is meant for informational purposes only and not meant to be an instructional guide. This information is meant to give a basic concepts on how the thermal fuse is replaced, It doesn’t cover everything thing and can vary on other TVs. If you decide to replace your own thermal fuse based on this information you do so at your OWN RISK.

For information on the Sony Wega flat CRTs with a similar problem (in this case a model KV34HS420), visit Lee Devlin website and view his posting titled “Fixing a Sony Wega with a 6 or 7 blink code“.

A few weeks ago I was watching my Sony 60 inch rear projection TV (model KDF-E60A20) when the screen turned blank and the normally green power-on indicator started blinking red. I thought, this has to be a bad thing. My first assumption was the bulb died.

The bulb did not die, there is a whole other indicator light for a dead bulb. What was actually happening is the power-on indicator light was blinking 6 times. Some googling on this subject indicated that the thermal fuse had blown and it needed to be replaced.

Sony apparently has a service bulletin (E29102171) that covers the replacement. In order to access this information you have to be some sort of authorized service personnel. I did find a website where you could obtain the service bulletin but they wanted $12 to join the site first. Let me go on for a moment and say why I think this is a total scam. It seems the damaged thermal fuse situation is a design flaw and Sony’s replacement part is totally different from the original. This website is profiting off the situation by providing information was created by Sony. I won’t link to the site here, but if you search google for this issue you will surely find the site in question.

This is something that Sony should be fixing for free. I’m reading people are paying around $400 to get this issue repaired. I repaired mine for $17.91. The part itself was only $4.80. I ordered part 191002393 from Sony’s service site (It’s available from for $5.95). Here’s how I replaced mine.

First, the thermal fuse is simply a small electronics part on the end of two wires that connects to the harness in the TV. The wire comes wrapped up in a small package about the size of two dimes. Shipping costs $11.95 to ship it in a giant box full of bubble wrap. Thanks Sony for wasting resources getting this to me.

Replacing the thermal fuse on a sony TV1

The thermal fuse is located under the lamp housing in my TV (and can be seen using the procedures for replacing the lamp in the manual). It’s a dime sized device mounted to the bottom of the TV with two wires coming out of it. It took me a while to figure out that this monstrosity is the thermal fuse considering how tiny the replacement is.

Replacing the thermal fuse on a sony TV2

Unfortunately In order to get to the wiring harness I had to remove the rear panel of the TV. There’s about 10 screws that hold that on. Then I removed the fan housing to gain access to the original thermal fuse. I followed the wires back up to where they connected to the wiring harness. I unplugged the original fuse and plugged in the new one and ran the wires to where the original fuse is.

Replacing the thermal fuse on a sony TV3

I did not remove the original fuse. It’s somewhat difficult to get to and doesn’t hurt to keep it on. I wrapped the new fuse wiring around the old one. There may be a actual place to mount the new fuse but i didn not see the service bulliten so I cannot say for sure. It’s important to point out here that the purpose of a thermal fuse is to shut off power in case of an over heat situation. If for some reason the lamp overheats you don’t want it to catch the TV on fire. Having the thermal fuse in close proximity to the lamp seem logical. If you happen to know exactly where the fuse should go, please leave a comment.

The preceding is meant for informational purposes only and not meant to be an instructional guide. This information is meant to give a basic concepts on how the thermal fuse is replaced, It doesn’t cover everything thing and can vary on other TVs. If you decide to replace your own thermal fuse based on this information you do so at your OWN RISK.

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196 Replies to “Resolving The 6X Red Blinking Light Of Death On My Sony TV (with pictures)”

  1. Hey. Thank you so much for your information! This is saving me a lot of money and probably my marriage (LOL!). We are BIG Florida Gator fans and we CAN NOT miss the big game on Thursday! Thanks, Cheyenne!

  2. A technician from a big retail store where I bought it came and he cannot figure out whats wrong with it, he change the lamp and the motherboard circuit and still it did not work.The guy cannot figure it out why it is blinking red 6X. Out of my frustration, I search the problem in the internet and then I read this information. At first I’m a little bit skeptical to follow your advise but I finally do it and it works!!!!!! My kids are so happy when they saw its working. Thank you for sharing this information.

  3. I saw the site in question which is Agoraquest( They have actually helped me out. The $12 isn’t just for the service bulletin. You can get up to 3 service manuals per year which is great since companies charge a rip off price of $15 for each one. Anyway, I thought I would state the other side.

    1. I was wondering if you can help me and email me the instruction how to replace the thermal fuse. i got rip off by a tech at over $400. I order the part already, so please help me. God bless you

      1. My Sony TV also needs a replacement thermal fuse, part # 1911002393, but I can’t find it anywhere. I tried your Amazon link, but it comes up as no longer in stock and unknown when available again.

        I searched the Sony parts store and it doesn’t even recognize the part number Any Idea where I might find one? I just spent over an hour searching anywhere I could by the part number, by the Sony TV model (KF-50WE610) and found nothing until I found this site.

    2. my problem was also thermal fuse. I read all about this fuse and easy way to check if fuse is disconnect fuse which is not connected to anything it just sits by the light for heat signature then I just cut ends off and tied together. I just eliminated fuse. tv turned on now I order part its the fuse. As soon as tv turned on I shut it down and ordered part. Recommend u do the same.

  4. Thank you! My Sony TV KDF-55WF655 55″ LCD DLP Projection TV works after replacing the thermal fuse. The Sony authorized dealer wanted $460.00 dollars to replace the G1 board what sony was telling him to do and that was not where the problem was….

  5. Our tv went out this past Sunday and I was searching everywhere on the internet to get information about the red light blinking six times. Your post was very helpful and definitely solved our problem. Our TV works now! Thank you so much!

    I have one question though…what is the purpose of removing the fan housing to gain access to the original thermal fuse if the original thermal fuse (the grey and black part) is located above the fan housing and can be disconnected without removing the fan?

    Should the black part of the fuse be connected to something?

  6. @shell as far as I know, the thermal fuse is there to prevent the TV from catching on fire if the lamp over heats. So it should be in the same approximate place as the original fuse. That’s why I wrapped it around the original one.

    The only way to get the fuse is to remove the housing.

  7. hi greg 1 more question i got the same thermal fuse as u hav displ on top of the box it hav tht little electronic piece which connect 2 black wires together wht do i hav 2 do should i take off tht little electronic piece and use it the way orignal was or is there is anythi else i can do 2 it i mean how can i connect with tht harness

  8. Greg Smith

    or anyone familiar with this issue

    After reading all the questions an answers about the therma fuse, here is my conclusion:

    1. Un-plug the old fuse wire

    2. Plug in the new wire

    3. Run the new therma wire down and under the lamp housing

    4. The new fuse wire does not need to be connected to the old dime shaped HI LIMIT SENSOR.

    5. Let the new fuse wire lay under or near the lamp housing.

  9. I have the sony KDF55wf655 that shows the standby light blinking six times. I took everything out, fan housing, protective panel and saw the two wires (thermal fuse) hooked up near the top of the fan housing extending down the TV near the base. The other terminal is black and goes inside a plastic case located near the middle of the TV mounted at the base. What is the black terminal of the fuse connected to?. Any help or tips connecting the thermal fuse, I’ll appreciate it.



  10. Thanks Jerry. I see the thermal fuse. What I don’t see is the part that enters a little plastic box at the base of the TV. The two black wires that do in there, are they connected to anything?. I tried to pull them out and they move but I just don’t want to force them. Sould I remove the screw that the plastic box has?. I see that one terminal is plugged to a set of cables but the other terminal is my problem. Please advice?

    Thanks again


    1. I have the same problem as you have located the bottom of the thermal cord but I don’t know how to replace it due to not being able to reach the back end of the box what did you do?

      1. For what it is worth, I had the 6 blink problem with my Sony Grand Wega 60 inch model KF60WE610. At first, it would take me two or three times to start the the TV. It got worse and worse as I got up to over 20 times to start the TV. At that point, I did my research and it all pointed to that main power supply board better known as the G1 Board. I do not have the skill to repair the parts that needed repair, but I had enough nerve to take the G1 Board out of the TV and send away for repair. I found Valley TV Repair/Service in Alhambra, CA who was able to do the repair. The charge was like only $49 plus shipping. Turn around time in one week. Put the G1 Board back in and TV works like a charm again. Just thought I would through this info out on the web if it helps anyone like me.

  11. Thanks for sharing this Greg. People like you make the internet an invaluable tool. When our screen crashed, we called Sears service. The technician told us over the phone it was the lamp, it was easy to replace (a kindergartner could do it), and he was sending us one. Well it ain’t easy to replace if you don’t know where it’s at or how to remove it. After I found the owner’s manual on the internet and read the instuctions….it was easy. You’d think they would put the replacement instructioons in the box with the part. Power up…….nada! 6X blinking red light! So now I know what the problem is and the wife is BACK on the phone trying to get a tech to come out and fix it (warranty work). We’ll see if the techie actually know what the problem is. Thanks again for sharing.

    And ricky……just a suggestion. You may find it helpful to write coherently when you expect answers to questions.

  12. You’re right Mike, this Greg is something else, sharing all the info. I really appreciate that and sure many others. I’m still waiting for the part to arrive, this sony guys. Mike, it would be nice if you actually see the tech perform the repair, and then if you can share your thoughts. My tv is out of warranty, don’t even try to call tech. Thanks in advance and all of you that are posting here.

  13. Thanks Greg for putting the fix for the 6 blinking lights on your website. I received the thermal fuse today and put it in. Now we are back to watching our big screen TV. A little bit of advice, Don’t bother calling Sony Technical Support. They will tell you to unplug the TV and then plug back in. If that doesn’t fix your problem call a TV repairman. I don’t the the person that I talked to had ever opened that back of a TV Set. If I have other problems with this set, I will be back to the internet to hopefully find more good advice. Thanks again Greg.

  14. Greg, you’re the man!!!
    Thanks a lot for having this up!
    $11.90 on eBay and your intructions and BAMMMM!!! problem solved!
    Thank you very much!
    Take care,

  15. Thank you Greg for the nice post. My TV died yesterday with the famous 6x blinks. I just got out of 4 years extended warranty so had to schedule a service call with Sony for Monday. Just saw you post, ordered the thermal fuse and cancelled the appointment. Will let you know once I get the fuse and replace it.

    Thanks again,

  16. Followup report: (Sorry I’m late) Well the repair tech showed up, did a little trouble shooting with some help over the phone to HQ. Turns out it WAS the thermal fuse just like Greg said. What he did to confirm this was jumper across the fuse to see if the TV worked (it did). However, he didn’t bring the part with him (even though my wife told them over the phone about the blinking light trouble code). So he had to come BACK to fix it. Only took a few minutes each trip and didn’t cost us anything thanks to warranty (except inconvienience of no TV). I’m confident I could have fixed the problem myself thanks to Greg’s great directions and pictures here. Good luck to all.

  17. Thanks for taking the time to post these instructions. It’s people like you that make the “free” internet work!

  18. Greg you are a lifesaver. I thought I had a burnt lamp or something major. I just got done replacing the thermal fuse. Best 10 dollars I have ever spent!

  19. Hello Greg

    Great info but i am having some issues; i ordered the part like you said and removed back panel as well as fan housing and still don’t see thermal fuse as pictured above. Don’t know what else to remove


  20. i suppose one reason is my tv is kdf-55wf655 and yours is a 60 inch. I just figured it would be in the spot as yours because of the successful replacement posts with my model number

    1. I can’t see where the thermal fuse is from your pictures. Open up the front of the TV as if you were replacing the bulb (look in your manual if your not sure). The purpose of the fuse is to prevent heat overload so I would expect it to be near your bulb.

  21. Thanks Greg and all the posts. TV is up and running after replacing the thermal fuse. Just like you said, unplug the old one, connect the new one and run it along the location of the old fuse (don’t need to completely remove the old fuse). Just follow its path and that’s it. Thanks to all!!!

  22. Greg you are so the Man! I ordered my thermal fuse from the amazon link and could not wait to put it in. My TV stopped working when my girlfriend turned off the power strip the TV was plugged into so the tv was not able to cool off with the fan. I forgot to tell her to wait for the fan to shut down then turn off the power strip. I didn’t yell at her or get mad at her she was trying to help. I accidentally turned off the power strip before but if you turn the power strip back on and the tv back on quickly and let the picture come back then turn it off and let the fan cool it down after the fan shuts down you can turn off the power strip and it will be ok. I turn off my power strip so my energy bill won’t be high. my utillity bill is usually under $30 cause i unplug the things i am not using. I leave my aquarium on and my fridge on separate plugs and my alarm clock with my dsl computer modem and my tv are now on the same strip with my answer machine on all the time. I have my computer on a separate strip and always unplug it so the transformers won’t eat up power when i’m gone. it might sound green but i call it saving money
    this is just to be helpful i’m not a tech, but I do love my 2005 Sony 60″ LCD TV
    Thanks Greg You Rock Cubed!

  23. Hello Greg,

    My tv is finally working; I had a tv repair guy intall thermal fuse. It required him taking out the light engine to position the fuse closer to the bulb. There is a clip on the back of the tv where the fuse plugs into which instantly fixed the tv issue; but in order for the fuse to work they pulled out the light engine and that was that. So people wth KDF-55wf655 listent to greg buy the fuse from Sony and you can check by unplugging a little harness that has a white and black wire with the same connector as thermal fuse


      1. Hello sorry to bother you sir..But you seem to like to help people as myself …
        Unfortunatly I cannot help myself right now and need your help..
        My Sony KP51HW40 Ser#9700480 shut off and is doing 6 blinks…Is this the thermal fuse as well??

        Also I was vacumming out the back and bottom of my tv its a 51″ rear prjection and on the right side circut board there is a BLACK ALLEGATOR CLIP small , looks like a ground…While I was vacumming I accidentally unclipped it…Is there somewhere important to clip it or can I just clip it to any metal on the board??

        ALL information would be VERY MUCH appreciated…

        ON the auto forums I am known as Garyknowsall
        In the TV world I am gary knows NOTHING…

  25. Thanks alot Greg! Ordered my part, took off the stuff you said, and replaced with a new thermal fuse and my TV is back up and running. Just remember to connect any wires you may have taken off when dissasembling the back of the TV. Tv did not work first time when I plugged it back in due to taking off a ground wire on the metal fan housing when disassembling. Connected it back on and tried the TV again and its back to working great again. Go Brewers!!!

    1. DR PHIL,

  26. Plain and Simple! I read this posting, called Sony and orderd the part for $4.50 plus 2.50 shipping. Thats $7.00 total. I followed Greggs instructions. Remove back panel, remove the fan, unplug the heat thing at the top, feed the wire down, wrap it around the old one and your done. Wa La,,I saved over $400.00 on service.

    Thanks Gregg-

  27. You are the man!!!! $12.70 and hoping I don’t curse the job but, as a great American once said “Mission Accomplished” (I really hope it works out better for me than it did for the last guy to say that)

  28. Thank you for the writeup. I had worked out that 6 blinks meant replace the fuse, and ordered the fuse (and a spare)- and when it showed up I began to doubt that I had the right part. The pictorial gave me the confidence to just open the case up and clip it in and thread it around- and ‘Lo, there was light, and it was good.

  29. Greg: Thanks for the info.
    I have a KDF 60XS955 and the thermal fuse is compatible. (part number 191002393 with shipping arround 8.80 from sony). As soon the fanhousing is removed is easy to identify the conector.(gray and white cables on top )
    I followed and runs to the lamp housing easy to see it from the front The lamp has to be removed to have sort of space to reach the tip of the fuse with a flat long nose pliers and desmount it run your new thermal fuse cable and is done I did not leave the old one. This chasis or model is easy to removed it has like a zig zag cable holder from thebottom frame easy to remove with a flat screw driver.
    Again Greg Thank you .

  30. HI GREG,



    1. I also have the sony KDF55WF655 thermal fuse error. I got the fuse from sony but where the photos are not this actual model I am unsure what to do…
      The part that is confusing is I took the back of tv off, I removed fan cover and immeadiatly saw the gray and white cord but it was not connected to anything….the place that is should go was attached to several other wires and held together with a white plastic piece but the prongs inside look bent…so weird I do not want to break anything
      My question is if I find the place to install the new one can I just leave the existing where it is?
      Do you remember the steps you took to make the repair?

  32. I have sony KF-50WE610. I had 6 blinking and did replaced the thermal fuse. Unfortunately problem still exists. Are there any other second fault that I can tackle? Appreciate any help


  33. Greg,
    thanks for the info.
    I have the KDL-E60A20 bought in 2005 at Costco. my problem actually turn on & off – 5 red blink. I purchased a new bulb & the thermal fuse from Sony. When I opened the rear cover & removed the fan housing, I found that my Sony is already came with the new thermal fuse. It was routed around the square dark grey housing for the fuse. the 2 stands for the old fuse are there, but the round metal part is not installed. The end sensor goes into a small plastic housing (on the left side). So I only installed the new bulb. The TV is working just fine! Greg do I need to reset the lamp timer? do you know how?.

  34. Hey Greg, I have a big screen SONY KDF-42WE655, out of no where the power just shut off and the Lamp light just keeps Blinking ready continuously, I left it unplugged overnight and tried it again the next morning. Same result, the flashes green for a while then straight back to solid red and the Lamp light blinks red. Any ideas on what is going on, do you think i need a new Lamp Bulb?

      1. First the power light blinks red for like a minute maybe more, then Lamp light comes on blinking red continuously-non stop

  35. The part number in question is 191002393, which lists for $4.80.

    I contacted Sony directly and they said they cant give out the Service Bulletin to consumers. I will go ahead and buy this part and follow Greg’s instructions. Here is another set of instructions:

    Unscrew the lower rear casing (about 9 screws),disconnect the old one and replace with new fuse. Just be sure to tape off the old one to the side and tape the new one away from the lamp housing. If you’re looking at the TV from the rear, the fuse will be located at the lower right side on top of the lamp housing; it’s too easy.

    For those of you who have pets or a lot of dust in your houses, you might try this to avoid a second thermal fuse replacement. Go to the hardware store and buy some thin furnace filter material (Home Depot for about $15) and use it cover the air vents on the bottom, back side of your TV set. This will help keep the inside of the TV free from dog hair and dust that can clog your fan and render it non-operational, causing the thermal fuse to blow. This is a likely cause of many thermal fuse failures. The filter can be taped on, and is largely unnoticable from the front of the set. You’ll be amazed at how much dust and dog hair is stopped by this fix. Change the filter material before it gets totally clogged. This will keep the inside of the TV and the fan dust free. Don’t cover the fan or let it overheat.

  36. Greg, thanks for the pics. I tore my tube apart on Saturday and I wasn’t sure I had taken out the thermal fuse until I saw your picture. I used an offset screwdriver to take it out. The plastic housing slides out to make it easier.
    Again, thanks for the pics.

  37. Thanks Greg

    Another success story!

    researching this on the web saved me alot of money. Had the part in 4 weeks and replaced in 30 mins. The shop I ordered the part from tried to convince me to have them do the work and diagnose. I told them I have worked with electronic devices in the past and there will no need for them.
    Thanks again, will be watching the Packers in HD this weekend.

    Brian from Canada

  38. Ok, i have a kdf-e60a20 and i removed the back panel the fan and its housing and for the life of me i cannot see this thermal fuse i have the same exact tv pictured above but that little piece in the 2nd picture is not on my t.v (very frustrating) i refuse and actually cant at the moment pay $500 bucks for a tech please explain where it is more thoroughly i even went as far as removing the front panel and i still couldnt see it

      1. oooooo ok that silver piece in the 2nd pic has nothing to do with it. its the wire connected to the right of the lamp housing that you see after removing the front panel omg dude i spent about 4 hrs going crazy looking for that silver piece…what is that piece by the way? is that what the end of the new fuse looks like

  39. Hi, I have a KDF 60XS955 and I have already replaced the thermal fuse; however, the problem continues. Any other Ideas?

  40. Greg

    I left my TV on pause (using a DVR). Evidently, this can make the TV hotter than normal. Consequently, six blinking lights later. I came across your post and you saved me $200. I am now cancelling the Sears tech who is supposed to come by in two days to fix the TV. I was able to do the repair for less than $35 (I expressed shipped the fuse).

    Looking at your pictures helped me. I started taking off the top part of the TV but finally figured out that it is the bottom part that you were referring too. I took off the silver plate then the fan. I looked at your pictures and routed the wire around the dime looking thing. TV works perfectly.

    Thanks a lot. Graham

  41. Hello Greg Smith, Thank you for your helpful instructions, otherwise I was planning to dump it for recycle. I was able to fix the thermal fuse on KDF-55SX955. The instructions are little different as I needed to remove optical block too. Thanks again!

    Please let me know if anyone of you need instructions to replace thermal fuse KDF-55SX955 or KDF-60SX955.

    1. I have the kdf60xs955 model and in search for these instructions. Really appreciate if you can send me what you have. You guys are awesome for doing this saving many users alot of $$$.

    2. Suresh, i also have the kdf-55xs955 model and cannot figure out how to get to the fuse and which part to order? Please help

  42. Many, many thanks for this post. I stumbled upon your site when researching the six blinks from my KDF55WF655. Less than a week later, my husband and I repaired it ourselves and saved a ridiculous amount of money.

    You, sir, are awesome.

  43. THANK YOU for all the comments and recommendations on how to replace the fix the 6x flashing lights of death on my Sony TV KDF55WF655. It took 2 attempts following Sony shipping a defective part. Thankfully, I read somewhere that a tech linked the connections to prove that the Thermal Fuse was faulty. Our TV is back up and running today after recieving the 2nd fuse.

    Again, thank you all! You have saved me $$$$

  44. Hi Greg, I want to thank you so much…..I was researching the six blinks when I came across your site, I sent for the fuse and my husband changed it and thankfully it worked. It seems you have helped a lot of people with your knowledge, and I think that is so kind of you to help people u dont know. Again, THANKS!!!!!

  45. we got bit by the blinking light bug tonight; I have the KDF-60xs955 originally was blinking 10 times; unplugged the unit and plugged back in and is now blinking 6 times..very glad to see this posting in hopes that it will save us some money…going to order part tonight…i’ll be in touch….and thanks greg for taking the time to share your info.

  46. I would like to state here after further research on this problem; i was very curious as to why the thermal fuse would blow and there are a number of reasons. However in my case my TV was full of dust. Air was restricted from getting to the bulb housing. You would think that the fan in the rear of the TV would be the one cooling it but it is not, that my friends is the exhaust fan.(Sucks air out.)i read another post here and someone had recommended using a make shift air filter on the rear of your tv, do not do that. Your fan that cools it is a much smaller fan that is mounted right above the bulb housing.(squirrel cage fan)or(intake fan)Runs at a much slower rate;and is very easy to clog. once clogged it will not move and thus causing the TV to overheat. once you get to it you can try to blow it out and reuse however if you have went through the trouble to get to it you had might as well replace it and is recommended. Your indication that this is your problem will most likely be that there will be “plastic browning” around the walls of the bulb compartment and possible cracks at the base of the compartment. And a very burnt smell. To make matters worse you can’t get to this fan without removing the optical block. That is why this fan fails due to neglect. the fan itself sells for 30.00 from Sony and if your fuse has blown be aware it may blow again in the future if the fan issue is not resolved. Apparentely if you are going to be an owner of this Tv might as well plan on servicing it properly to keep it going and better yet safe. Oh and by the way don’t bother trying to remove the top portion of the rear cover it will get you no where there will be another cover that is not so easy to remove. I also know that some people are worried that the TV will harbor live electrical current even without the TV plugged in. You will not have to worry about getting shocked here. The only part that is high voltage is the optical block and it will discharge all current within 30 seconds of unplugging the TV set.

      1. Hi Greg,
        Well here it is February 2015 and I am working on my Sony 60 inch for all the same reasons. About 3 years ago the tech guys did it for $800, and mow it’s back. I think I got it nailed, but the fuse cost me over $100.00 on Amazon. Hard to believe it likely cost a dime to manufacture and now it’s a racket to rape people for this money, add ridiculous shipping fees. I need to get more years from this thing as it cost over $5000 plus new lamps and parts over the years is hard to justify.

        Need to know any update, on the lawsuit. I have cats and dust in my house and I can’t see ongoing higher and higher cost for the parts. Sony got lots of my money already and I would like to see them do good for all the customers.

        Thank for your original post

  47. @Rowan Smith
    Hi Rowan,
    I have the same TV as yours, KDF55WF655, with the same 6 blinks problem. Did you use the same part as on Amazon, Part no. 191002393, as posted by Greg? Please share the part number. Also, if you can share the steps I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

  48. I changed out the thermal fuse and replaced the projector lamp too. I still do not have a picture and the red light is still blinking 6-times. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  49. Greg, thanks for this information and leaving this website up and available. My KDF-60XS955 just blew out with the 6 blinking lights last night while watching tv. I managed to find a local TV repair place that had the part in stock. Installed it and was back up and running in last then a day. Thanks again. You saved me a ton of money for sure.

  50. i just ordered the thermal fuse, can’t wait!! i had a repairman come out charged me 70.00 then told me it was the lamp and he could fix it for 450.00. i wished i would of found this before having the repairman come out. hope this works, will keep you posted. thanks gregg

  51. Greg! You are the MAN! Our 60″ tv went into the 6 red lights of death Sunday. We ordered the part Monday, got it today and put it in, tv works great. Thanks man!

  52. I have the KDF55WF655 and have the saME PROBLEM BUT AFTER ABOUT 8 HRS. OF SEARCHING ON LINE i HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO FIND A THERMAL FUSE THAT SAYS IT WORKS WITH THIS MODEL,IS IT Part no. 191002393 or something different I’ve already replaced the light,can anyone advise.

  53. I have a spare working Thermal fuse if any one is interested. I can ship it for $15 (includes shipping) to continental USA.

    I am interested in buying ‘Sony A-1302-272-A G1 COMPL’ Powersupply card

  54. I know the name of this is “6 blinking red lights”, i’ve had it before and you were my hero, i fixed it for under $15…. i was happy, my tv was fine,fast forward a year, now it’s red lights blinking 5 times…. for the love of all tha’s good in this world, help!!!

  55. I own a Sony KDF-55WF655 well the other night the TV quit working & we had 6 flashing red lights. I thought it was the bulb so I ordered another one… Well I replaced it no go. I started checking what 6 red flashing lights meant only to disc. it is a thermal fuse. What the hell is that? Well thanks to all of you I not only found out what it is, but how to replace it. Saved quiet a few bucks. Order part # 191002393 From Amazon. Read what others are doing to replace this and bingo works like new. So thank all of you who posted Esp. you Greg for comments, for the help & Directions Do not waste a phone call to sony as they are no help what so ever

  56. This is the best discription so far Thanks I bought a new tv because i didnt want to have a tech fix this one you saved it from falling out of my second story window now i have a extra tv with a new thermal fuse for sale anyone want it. It is a KDF-60xs955 has a new lamp and works great Thanks to this website email me at if i can help anyone replace this part I feel kinda like a pro now

    1. I have this TV also KDF-60xs955 and need to replace the part. I have been searching the web collecting alot info on the steps to replacing the thermal fuse and anything you have would be great. Ordered the part and will be here in 2 days. Thanks for your time in advance.


  57. Greg, Had the 6 bliking lights. Read the blog. Ordered the part, and after two hours of struggle, got it in. I now know why it should only take 20 minutes. The two hours was learning curve. When I turned it on it still was “black screen” with 3 blinking lights this time. Found another blog that dealt with 3 blinks. The interesting part of the story is that in the string I was reading, one guy said that most problems with these things can be cured with a vacuum cleaner and high pressure air. Frankly I didn’t uderstand the rest of the technobable. Anyway, I vacuumed, no help, got frustrated so I stuck the leaf blower in the back of the unshrouded TV and let’er rip…Lit it up and works fine. Unbelievable

  58. First of all.. Thank you very much (this thread and the Author) .. save me money and I fixed my self the TV… the schema site is there be carful, you do not need them. Sony do not offer help… I bought the service Manual for kdf55wf655 (if you need email me and I will send you free.. all should have access to that.. you own the product, why not the info related to it).

    All to know.. I have a 6 red blink error (thermal fuse fail) and I as a sony customer call the support.. besides ask me to unplugged the tv and turn it on again… the sony support just refers me to a local company… Sony, how about stand behind your product (not a cheap one cost me $3500) .. here is my response to sony survey “See, no one appreciate be deceived, I buy sony product because they are quality product… the TV give me a set of light signals that indicate a problem, I expected the customer server rep know what the error means (6 red blinks means), A 2 min search indicates is a thermal fuse defect. Why sony support could not inform that? also I few I into a schema, because my solution form sony is call a local company, which try to rip me for about $400, to change a fuse that cost $5… It is something very wrong on this. and sony is part or at least collaborates with this….”

  59. I have the KDF55WF655. It flashes green 5 times, then red 6 times. Does this also sound like the thermal fuse issue. Repair center said that the A2 board needed to be replaced. $300 repair. Do you think thermal fuse will fix it?

  60. Hi Greg, the thecnitian come to my house today and we had the same situation that you mentioned before, First my wife changed the lamp and still the same, today the Tec told us that fix that will cost 3,000 do you think that is posible ? I’m going to buy the Thernal fuse and try to do this next week.

    Thank you and if you think that can be something else, please let me know, according to my wife, when the tec. was moving something, she saw some green imagen but so blind.

    Thank you


  61. Thanks so much for the pics and the info. on the part number. The pics will help my husband install it a little easier. Thanks again

  62. Does anyone have used Power Supply Board G1 Complete, 1-689-379-11 (or 12) or “Sony A-1302-272-A G1 COMPL” for KF-50WE610 or equivalent? Please let me know the price including shipping ASAP

  63. Hi Greg,

    Does your solution corresponds to the kdf-55e2000 too? My tv died after the power to my house came back on and I heard a loud pop. When I turned on the tv there was no picture or sound, just 6 blinking led. After purchasing the thermal fuse similar to yours, I took my tv apart, but found that the dime shape part is on the back after taking off the back cover. The two black wire goes to an adapter on a board above it. I couldn’t find an adapter that will fit the new thermal fuse. Any help would be great.



  64. befor you change the thermal fuse try to reduce the brightness and sharpness on your TV and see if it helps.It worked for me.Of course this is a temporary solution until you fix it.

  65. thanks for the advice and direction . I completed the brepair in about an hour and saved alot of $.

    To sony ” go @#$% yorself. High end elecrtonics ? Customer SERVICE is a illusion. The phone rep. seemed to bve following some sort of script designed to direct you to a authorized service repair tech. in my area. She seemed surprised by the 6 redlight code and had no idea as to the cause.

    We were fortunate to find You!!

  66. I had this problem, and your article helped immensely. Could not believe, how simple and inexpensive the fix was. All the TV Repair guys I contacted wanted $500 or more !!! Thank You.

  67. Thanks Greg in the Desert for the information but it’s a little late. I had the same blinking 6 X light. Googled it and did not come up with a solution, waited for a repairman and paid him $165.00 to come out and reset my whatever in the back of the TV, I couldn’t see what he was doing, his back was as big as the set and as it was so hot he was perspiring profusely, he got it to work for two days, later it started to blink again, I called the repairman and he wanted another service call to come out, I said that he should come for free since he did nothing the first time, he refused so I told him where to go and it wasn’t to church. I fooled with the TV and got the back off, didn’t know what I was looking at. I told my wife that I would ditch it before I paid again. Needless to say and with no help, the TV in now laying on the ground in the back of my tractor shed, face down. I bought a new TV from HH Greg and it was not a Sony, thanks Sony for nothing. I’ll never buy another Sony anything.

  68. If changing thermal fuse doesn’t solve the problem then try changing ‘Power Supply Board G1 Complete’. New one costs around $130. I bought used one in eBay at about $50 and it is working fine now.

  69. Greg!
    You the man! thank you very much for the info, you saved me alot of $$$!
    my KDF-60WF655 LCD DLP Projection TV works like new.

    I found a video that shows more pic on how to fix the fuse. I will leave it here

  70. Great article! I have a 55″ Sony Wega HDTV I bought in 2006 that just got the red light flashing 6 times and found this article. Ordered the $15 part from Amazon and now it works great thanks to this article! It was a gray and black wire that goes into a black wire which is capped or something at the end, on the gray and black end it has a connector.
    *First removed the bottom front panel of the tv per the manual the tv came with
    *Removed the bulb from the front of the tv per the manual the tv came with
    *Removed the back plastic cover with had several screws
    *Removed this metal housing that is next to the fan, then removed the fan itself
    *After removing the fan I could see the original fuse mounted to the bottom of the tv (facing down) as stated in this article, there were some black wires coming from it, I traced those which plugged into these black & gray wires via a connector. I unplugged the original black wires that go to the original fuse and plugged in my new black & gray wires to the original black & gray wires. I then looped my new wires around the original black wires as the author of this article said.
    *Put everything back together and turned it on, IT WORKED!

    NOTE: I removed the fan, but in retrospect I don’t think it’s necessary because you can unplug the black & gray wires without having to remove the fan, they are right above the fan. So while not necessary, I WOULD recommend removing the fan like the author of this article did. Why? The only reason is so you can loop your new wires around the originals (yes leave the original there, why not, they’re not bothering anything). The reason I think it’s important to loop the new wires around the old is to make sure when you’re sliding everything back into place to make sure the wires don’t get pinched because they’re hanging out where they’re not supposed to be. That’s all. Great article!
    – DJ Dizzy

  71. Thanks much. I have same problem with kdf60wf655 (60 inch) and now runs fine after replacing thermal fuse. I did not not even know how a thermal fuse looks like before started working on this, but now I fee like I am pro after following these instructions. It was so easy. I have also took a look at the youtube video link one of the posters posted here. Thanks a bunch again. No need of service manual, all that.

  72. The more I research this TV i bought, the more problems I see people are having with it. My picture went out also, but mine only blinks red 3x’s. I cant seem to find any help witht that. I replaced the lamp about 1 month ago, and that was an extremely easy fix. Now this….Any help is appreciated.

  73. Greg, thank you so much for putting this info out here! Got our thermal fuse today from the source you mentioned and we just replaced it. TV’s working beautifully.

    We don’t have the exact design you’ve mentioned, our fuse was attached to the side of the fan housing. (For those with this type – slide the fuse in from the TOP).

  74. Greg, In your article you indicate that the red light blinks 6 times. What if it blinks green 6 times, does this for several intervals, then blinks red until you unplug the set? i have a model KDF-e42a10, and replaced the thermal fuse already(per your article) at a loss, and really cannot afford repair service or a new tv. Thanks in advance for any insight.

  75. Greg, just like all the others, thank you for this post. Saved me serious money. Fixed it for under 12.00.
    My TV did not have the sensor under the light holder. The old fuse ran down the side, under clips along the front edge and up the other side and disappeared behind the plastic light holder frame. By removing two screws…one with a very long screwdriver, I was able to remove the blocky end of the old fuse and insert the new end and run new fuse exactly the same way.
    My father in law gave us this TV after Sony compensated him for the light engine spots. Thank goodness I paid nothing for this TV. I know I will never buy a Sony from now on.

  76. Hi Greg, I also found that $12 “premium” site and I’m reluctant to fork up the money. Specifically because I found the service manual online, one thing I don’t have is the “bulletin”, from what that website is saying, the bulletin provides step by step instructions on how to replace the fuse. Do you happen to have it? Looking at the service manual, the fuse in question is a different part number, do you know if they’re interchangeable?

  77. Thanks kindly for your detailed post – you have helped more people out than you ever probably imagined ! we hit a teeny stumble as our insides didnt quite look same as yours – ours is the kdf-60xs955 – but we followed your general advice – traced back the grey/white wire, unclipped, reclipped new, fed other end back in and under, and then shoved it under the fuse housing…. that didn’t seem right that the old one still remained, but you were right, the assembly is hard to get to so we did like you and left it in place. Blew out all the funky dust too – our set is almost 6 years old and the bulb is original – that is on order as well (we thought we’d have to replace both, even though we were getting the 6 blink)… now when bulb arrives we’ll just save it for when we do need it! Thanks again, you saved us a service call 🙂

  78. thanks for this tip, my TV broke on saturday, I ended up replacing SOny’s lousy excuse for a thermal monitoring system with a real digital thermometer and I found the operating temps for the bulb so I can keep tabs on temps, I also vacumed out the back since it was full of dust bunnies. I took the fuse wire and spliced it together and ended that torture. It took me a few days to get to it, but I am glad to have seen this which was my exact problem. Now I am monitor temps on the bulb and see if maybe it just isnt time for the bulb to get replaced. The TV is about 5 years old now, and was very dirty in the back. I will probably replace the fuse later, if the bulb doesnt blow out first.
    thanks again for keep this up all this time so I could find it.

  79. sony grand wega 55in thermal fuse has gone out. i replaced it step by step like on your posts but it only worked for about 1 minute then the 6 blinking red lights again. any idea as to what might be going on in there? thanks .

    1. Did you put the fuse where the original was, is it too close to a heat source? There could be a true over temp condition causing the thermal fuse to blow.

      You could have a bad fuse.

      Check the wiring and make sure the fuse didn’t come disconnected.

  80. Can someone please post the part number for a thermal fuse for a Sony Grand Wega KF-50WE610 and a link to where i may purchase one online ???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thank You

  81. Greg, I have to say thank you for putting this up. Even though it’s been so long since you put it up, the information is still so relevent. I was aghast when my TV went out (purchased Aug 2005) and it wasn’t the bulb, I had no idea what I would do, so I did a google search for troubleshooting which brought me to your sight, giving me the idea of looking at the blinking lights. I noticed that it was indeed six. I’m not a handy man by any stretch, so the idea of opening up my television and diconnecting and connecting wires scares me so I decided to call a repair man anyway and tell him what the problem was. He informed me that due to the size of the television (60″) that it was be $275 dollars just to look at it, then to pay for labor and parts for the repair, probably taking me to about $400. I thought better of it an followed your instructions. To sum things up…replacement fuse $9.90 (5.95 for the fuse, $3.95 for shipping), repair time, 30 minutes by myself and a fully functioning television, after my wife said “Let’s just buy another” Thanks, thanks, and thanks!!!!


  82. Greg,

    I have a Sony KF-50WE610 model TV and it has the same 6 blink code issue that you described. The first question I have is does the 6 blink code mean the same thing on my TV that it does on yours?

    One thing that seems strange to me is if I continue to push the power button after the light starts blinking red (sometimes 40 times or more), it will eventually turn on and work properly for as long as it’s left on.

    After reading the info you provided, I decided to open the back and take a look. I found the connector for the thermal fuse and jumpered across it then tried to turn the TV on again. The TV is still showing the same 6 blink issue which seems to indicate that the thermal fuse is not causing the issue.

    Since it doesn’t appear to be a problem with the fuse, what would I check to be the next likely issue? I would like to avoid the expense of calling Sony support or a local TV repair place to fix it.

    Thanks in advance for any additional info you can share.

    1. I can’t be sure on models other than the one I have. Maybe the jumpering didn’t work because there is a resistor or something with the fuse.

    2. Hi
      I have the same issue as you on my 60 inch Sony set if I keep turning on /off sometimes it will come on. The other day I tried it and it just turned on first attempt turned off to standby over night next day dead Have you been able to find a fix for it if its not the thermal fuse issue. Hope you can help.

      1. I had the same problem on my Sony 60″. I replaced the thermal fuse but that did not fix it. I gave up and called a repairman. Turns out it was the lamp and it cost me $233.00 to fix it but that’s a lot cheaper than buying a new one and I relay like this TV. It is easy to replace the lamp and you can get one on eBay for around $60.00

      2. Thanks for the reply not being a techie which lamp lams did you replace there are 3 of them also do you have any part numbers so I can look at amazon sorry for the trouble I live in the Philippines and I think this is beyond the normal Sony technical department because when they came out the stock answer was Sir discontinued no parts so it stood gathering dust.

      3. It is a single white lamp and you access it from the front. Take off the front panel (it pops off) then look for a door on the left. Remove that door and remove the lamp. You can get the number off of the bulb. It is a common bulb used on a lot of the Sony WGA’s. Go onto eBay and you will find the bulb.

        hope that helps.

        PS give up on Sony, the are absolutely no help!

  83. Greg,

    Tried this fix about 13 months ago and it worked just fine. Had the same problem come up again last week, ordered 2 fuses this time and just got done replacing the thermal fuse, but still get the same 6 blinking red lights after I put the set together. Could the thermal fuse not be seated correctly? I could use the 2nd fuse and see if that is the problem, but any ideas you have would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. You might trace those wires back and see if there’s a short somewhere. Maybe the connection to the fuse itself is not good. Do you know how to work a meter?

  84. Hi Greg,

    I put the second fuse I ordered in and it fired right up, so the first fuse must have been bad. Happy I ordered 2 and maybe a good lesson for others that encounter this situation. For the cost of a second fuse at $6 plus the shipping, I was glad I had the back up at my disposal.

    Thanks again for the informative blog.

    1. Hi Greg,

      Do you have a current link for purchasing these thermal fuses? The last time I replaced it, the cost was about $7 plus shipping. Now I’m seeing prices near $100 and Amazon shows the item is discontinued.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  85. Greg….Thank you for the information. I have a KDF-60XS955 that was manufactured in 2004. I have replaced the lamp several times and the other day while watching the set it went dead. My first assumption was another cheap aftermarket lamp had blown. I noticed the 6 blinking lights and knew it wasn’t the lamp. Your info here led me to find the “open” thermal link. I’ve ordered the new part from Amazon (about $11 with shipping) and am waiting for it to arrive. As with anything that fails you have to wonder what the cause might have been. True, it is a 9 year old component that’s always exposed to extreme heat and is designed to fail. I did however notice a lot of dust that may have contributed to the heat problem. People should be aware of the small vent slots all around the base on the rear of this set. They should probably be vacuumed at least once a year. The fan was also quite dirty even though it spun freely. Hopefully this info may help the next person. Thanks again. -Bob L

  86. Hello,
    Fellow Sony owners. Thank you Mr.Smith for your help in this article. It is now April 2013, almost 5 years since you posted this great article. I have pretty much read what has been written here. My problem is that the CRT Model of my Sony is (KP-43HT20). And yes, it’s only a 43′. But everyone that has replied to this article has 50″ or higher. Will the suggested steps work on my TV? If so, does anyone have images of how to and where to find the thermal fuse on this model. At this current stage of my dillema, the back of my tv and the housing is removed, now i visibly see the 3 projectors and a jungle of wires and boards. One other thing, this model does not have a fan, or atleast none that i can see. Is the fan at the front. If so, how do i remove the front mesh screen that covers the speakers? . Or do i need to lay my tv flat in order to get to the bottom. HELP!
    Once again, thank you Mr. Smith, and anyone that can help me. Thank you for your time.

  87. Thanks for the great post. I have a KDF-55wf655 and had the red light blinking 6 times. After going through several sites, this description was the most accurate and I went ahead and purchased the new thermal fuse through Amazon. Although the installation was a bit more elaborate then mentioned here, ultimately it was correct and accurate. It was the problem, and saved me a potential $400 repair fee (or new TV cost). I would like to point out few other tips when installing this piece on the the model I have: yes remove the back panel (about 10 screws), but also remove the metal plate (not sure what this is called) and the entire fan housing. You will have to loosen some wires and also detach some wires temporarily to make the disassemble easier, still not difficult. I too had difficulty removing the original fuse from its placement, but as you said, it should just rest near the lamp so to detect overheating. I also ended up leaving the original there as I could not remove it entirely. Put it all back together and it worked. I must say, thank you Sony for giving us an idea of what may be wrong with the number of blinking red lights, I don’t know if other manufacturers have this but it just may be a reason I select another Sony in the future. The TV has been fantastic since day one and this is the only issue I have had with it (albeit replacing the lamp). Thank you again for this post and your time.

  88. Greg, your post is still saving money for Sony projection TV owners. My KDF-60SX955 (mfg January 1995) died last week with the 6 flashing red lights. Had no clue if was the power supply, fan motor, etc. and was sadly considering a replacement TV rather than an expensive service call and fix. Did a little searching to see if there might be a cheap and easy fix, but really didn’t expect one. Came across your post and thought I’d give it a shot. Got the fuse through Amazon for $5.14 plus shipping and just finished the install. All is like new! And I cleaned out over 8 1/2 years of accumulated dust in the process. Can’t thank you enough.

  89. Hey Greg

    I came across the same website that you did – and like you I moved on. If memory serves me correctly they used ‘our member x has to email these out and this takes up his time’ as the excuse for the charge, whereas they could just have easily left the pdf on the site for people to download.

    You certainly pointed me in the right direction. The thermal fuse on my KDF-60XBR950 was located at the top of the lamp, not under it as yours is. Plugging it in and powering up the TV allowed me to locate what actually caused the fuse to blow – the Lamp Ballast wires had overheated, part of the wiring had become brittle and resistant therefore was acting like an electric heater. I’ve ordered a new lamp ballast ($49.00) and it should be here in a few days.

    Thank you for taking the time to post the details of your experience.

  90. My 60″ WGA kdf60xs955 gave me six blinking lights. I replaced the thermal fuse and now when I power it on the fan runs about 10 seconds and the the red light flashes 3 times. I guess I’m half way there. Any help?

  91. I have a 42 inch sony projection tv model # kp-46wt510 and its having this same issue with the red light blinking 6 times but I tried to find a replacement thermal fuse online with no luck please help !

  92. I have Sony KDL50EX645. We were watching TV in the noon…..turned it off and come back to watch TV in the evening but TV never started …..I could see 6 red blinks on lower left panel. I turned it ON and can see Red light turning to Green light but turning back to Red again after 03 blinks of Green……

    Called up Sony product support and they told me that TV needs service…..not sure what could have happened to TV since I have this only for 14 months…….

    Does this thermal fuse also applicable to LED tv’s also

    Please help,

  93. The fuse at the end of the wiring harness, actually is.mounted in the bulb access panel on the front of the tv. It mounts in a small bracket on the right side of the bulb.

  94. I tried ordering the thermal fuse through Sony MTC and they told me they no longer have that part. I don’t know where else to look, if it is no longer possible to get the fuse I guess I will just have to take the ol’ girl on one last ride to the dump! Lol! If you could help I would appreciate it so much seeing as it’s still an awesome 60″ TV! Thanks!

  95. I have my KDF60WF655 all opened up and found several cables matching the replacement Thermal Fuse I received in the mail this week. All similar cables have different colored cables but there is one that is identical to the one I received. The large black clip-on end was very easy to spot and was visible immediately once I removed the interior metal plate once the main rear plastic cover was removed.

    The problem I am stuck at is accessing the other end of where this cable leads… It reaches underneath and runs along the floor of the unit behind a black plastic part that I can’t seem to remove. Does the little black tip the wires are attached to plug in somewhere? Where does it go? Posts seem to say that it should be near the fan to keep cool to reduce the risk of it overheating and putting me back in square one again looking for another 1-900-023-93 (part number) Thermal Fuse for this unit.

    Plenty of online help showing a picture of the original thermal fuse as it sits once the panels are removed but nothing shows how to access the end of the wire that reaches behind that plastic part on the base of the unit. This black plastic part has 2 prongs that extend through holes in the base of the TV and looks like it slides out but the main assembly above it prevents me from pulling it out without damaging anything.

    I could post pictures of what I am talking about. Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. The other end of the cable is right next to the bulb hosing. You can see it after removing the bulb from the front of the TV (per the user manual). Either the bulb removed while facing the TV, you should see two black cables on the right side of the opening. They are attached to the black plastic hosing where the bulb slides into.

  96. After watching my Sony KDF-50WE655 last night without any issues woke up this morning and turned it on ( tried to turn it on) I noticed the red standby light blinking. I did a search and ran across you page which seems to give the best information. So called up Sony and ordered the part suggested. Hopefully this does the trick. I will update when tested.

  97. Hi Greg I just got this tv that was my dads and before him it was my sister and her husband. Anyways I’m having the blinking red lights six times. I ordered the thermal fuse cause that we thought it could be. Well I decided today to take off the covers to familiarize myself with it. When I opened it up no where around the lamp housing is this so called thermal fuse. the tv is KF-50WE610 made in May 2004.Any help would be great

  98. I replaced the thermal fuse on my sony KDF E60A20 and still have te problem. I turn the tv on and in just a few seconds it turns off for just a few seconds and then right back on. What could be causing this?

    1. Anna, yours sounds like it could be a defective thermal fuse. What are your indicator lights doing? red, green, orange, solid or blinking? It’s usually a good idea to replace the lamp also while you are doing this even if it’s good. Since they do wear out do this and keep the old lamp as your spare. Get the highest quality lamp (with original replacement bulb) you can find for fair price. The cheaper lamps won’t last as long, you get what you pay for. I know, I have been thru several lamps.

    2. Hi
      I have the same tv,the KDFE60A20. I had a repair man look at it and said it was thermal fuse but is charging too much to replace. I am thinking of replacing the piece myself but I am having a hard time locating the piece. I called Sony and they said they no longer carry the piece. I was wondering where you ordered your part from? This would be helpful!
      Thank you


  100. Is this similar to the KDF-E50A10? I have the 6-blink problem so I’m hoping I can just follow these steps to fix it.

  101. First off that for the info this thermal fuse is my problem I am looking for the thermal fuse pn 191002393. any idea where to get one Sony quite making or selling the part

    1. It appears the thermal fuse is very hard to find now and may not be made by Sony anymore. If I ever get into this situation a pain I will either have to engineer a alternative or bypass it al together.

  102. Ok i read this a few weeks ago and bought a thermal fuse…i also bought a lamp since i was replacing the fuse already. My tv still wont work and is still giving me the same blinking lights. What could be wrong with it? At first after replacing the fuse and bulb it started showing the bulb light and blinking 5 times i fixed that problem now its back to the 6 blinking lights.

    1. I AM NOT an electronic expert but like to try and fix things myself. I had the 6 Blink issue and TV would not turn on. The Repair Manual I found on line claims it was a G1 Board. There is talk on line what needs to be fixed on that board but I was too chicken to repair. I sent my board to this place that advertised on EBay, VALLEY SERVICE 2810 W VALLEY BLVD ALHAMBRA CA 91803. 626-289-6692
      It was a shot in the dark but for a total of like $60 (includes shipping) I got the board back in less then 10 days (shipped from MD to Ca and back to MD). Placed the board back in TV and it has been working fine since, about 6 months. Well worth the repair to me. It was not too difficult to take G1 Board out of the TV Couple screws, couple plug ins on board and out it comes. Good luck Brian 443 324 nine seven two zero

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