My Radon Gas Test Kit Resutls

Free Radon Test Kit (New Mexico)

In January, the New Mexico state Environment Department offered a free Radon test kit to residents, coincidentally January was also National Radon Month. I emailed the person who is running the program and obtained a kit. Before I get to the results, what is Radon?

Radon is a odorless, colorless gas that comes from the decay of radium. Radon is present all over the earth. it’s extremely common and it the second most common cause of lung cancer. Check out the EPA’s website or Wikipedia’s page on Radon for more information.

As I understand it, radon is a gas and decays pretty quickly once in the air. If in a contained area it can be real bad. Knowing parts of New Mexico are in a possible “hot zone”, I decided to take the free kit. THey weren’t that expensive to start with but free is free.

The kit is just a charcoal canister. I placed the kit 6 feet in the air away from major air flows and in a central part of my house. After some amount of time, I think 48 hours, I put the kit in a aluminum foil envelope and sent it off to a testing lab. They then email me the results.

Your radon test result is – 2.7 pCi/L

Radon Level (pCi/L)

  • 0.4 Average outdoor radon concentration
  • 1.3 Average indoor radon concentration

My results are in between what’s considered normal and before I need to take action. What am I going to do? Nothing at the moment except test some more.

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