Best Comment Of The Day

There’s a giant sink hole on Paseo Del Norte, a major artery through the west side of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. The following comment was posted on the KOBTV’s article on the road closure.

Well, those crews had better get busy! I need to use that road to get to TD’s every day for my daily fix of skin and wiggles!

TD’s is a strip club in Albuquerque.

Ars Technica On Intel's Tanking Stock

Intel reported earnings yesterday, record earnings. Because Intel did not meet the expectations of analysts the stock is getting hammered.

Joel Hruska at Ars Technica has a great commentary on why they are expecting too much from a good thing.

Instead of considering Intel’s Q4 2007 and projected Q1 2008 performance as proof of any weakness in the tech industry, financial analysts should step back and consider that they, themselves may have been irrationally exuberant. Intel’s quarterly report and balance sheet reveal no pressing weaknesses. Business is strong across the entire globe, operating income and gross margins both rose significantly, and the company’s lower-than-expected first quarter revenue projection is lower than analysts would like precisely because Intel chose to err on the side of caution.

Disclaimer: I work for Intel.

Meadow Lake, N.M. Family Sees Virgin Mary On Wall

This story from New Mexico is getting a lot of attention on the internets. Here’s the original source.

She said the image appeared during a home construction mishap. Quintana said her husband was putting a special texture on the wall. The spray bottle he was using broke twice, which meant the texture couldn’t be wiped off fast enough. This is how it dried.

Digital Shower Controls?

Grohe digital thermostat

Now the the master bathroom is down to the studs, it’s my chance to put in exactly the kind of shower controls that I want. The Grohe digital thermostat looks like the kind of controls I’m looking for. Their website states:

The main control unit allows you to select the temperature, flow rate and to program the three personalised user buttons. These buttons illuminate when selected directly or via the remote control. Two backlit LCD panels display the water temperature and flow level and are controlled by the temperature and flow dials. The flow control dial can also be used to start the shower. To prevent children from turning the water above 38ºC, the SafeStop (temperature override) button must be pressed before the raising the temperature above this level – so there’s no risk of accidental scalding.
For convenience, the Pause button allows you to temporarily stop the water mid-shower – great if you want to wash your hair. When you’re ready to re-start you shower, press the button again and it will return to the exact same setting. Finally, the Stop button is used to turn the shower off. This button can also be used to turn the shower on at the safe temperature of 38ºC – perfect for when you have guests staying.

Pretty nifty. I can’t seem to find US pricing or availablity for this product. Anyone familiar with this product or similar devices?