Albuquerque's Most Exclusive Restaurant Closes

With a name like “Petroleum Club“, you know that not even I can be white enough to get in. It’s also, apparently, a dinosaur. This 15th floor restaurant/club closed up shop after about 60 years of exclusivity.

The membership-only club closed Saturday night, but had been having difficulties for several years. Located on the 15th floor at 500 Marquette NW, the restaurant hosted thousands of business luncheons and banquets during its long run. The closure was not expected and the decision to close was made by the club’s board of directors.

The club could accommodate 150 diners at any one time, but Downtown’s thinning corporate base might have led to its decline. The club underwent a $175,000 renovation in 2004 when it renewed its lease for eight years, but it might not have been enough to stave off declining attendance.

Their dress code

Corporate business dress is always acceptable at lunch and dinner, Shirts without collar for men, jeans, shorts and sportswear are not allowed in the Dining Room at either lunch or dinner.

Their menu isn’t cheap but not quite as bad as I would have expected. They do require a automatic 20% tip.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon with roasted garlic horseradish mashed potatoes and lemon butter sauce: Twenty Dollars

Market Salad with cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, and tomatoes with choice of dressing: Four Dollars

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