The New Mexico State Quarter, Due In 2008


The New Mexico State Quarter will be out in 2007.

The Department of the Treasury approved the design on May 25, 2007. The other three designs considered were “Zia Symbol over Textured State Outline,” “Textured Zia Symbol over State Outline,” and “Zia Symbol over Textured State Outline,” with the Zia symbol marking the location of the capital, Santa Fe.

"Laboratory Conditions" Movie About Los Alamos

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 4.29.10 PM

From the department of “one thing inevitably leads to another,” we present Laboratory Conditions, a film we made on the way to making another film. Scouting for props and locations for our current film project, 72° led us to Los Alamos, New Mexico. We found a lot more there than we bargained for.

Laboratory Conditions

What Was The Suspicious Device At A Albuquerque Train Station?

A suspicious device was found at a Rail Runner train stop in Albuquerque.

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Lt. Duncan Sanchez said the device consisted of two white cylinders attached to a base with protruding wires. The Albuquerque police bomb squad used a robot to disable the device… Authorities declined to say what the device was.

Uh… yeah, I would call that suspicious. It was plugged into a outlet at the train station. Does this mean that power outlets will be banned next?

I’m really interested to hear what this thing is.

Supercomputer At Intel Rio Rancho

I wonder if this is going to be housed in what used to be Fab7

A California company will build a supercomputer here that will be housed at Intel Corp. in Rio Rancho. SGI of California has been awarded an $11 million state contract to build the computer. Businesses, governments and schools will be able to use the facility, to be called the New Mexico Computing Applications Center, to model complex problems, according to Gov. Bill Richardson’s office. These range from creating new products to modeling scenarios for New Mexico’s future water supply.

The Three Martini Renovation Or How To Piss Off Bloggers


The Wall Street Journal has a article title “The Three Martini Renovation” in which the the article can be summarized to this

But when novices who’ve had a few drinks get a hold of crowbars, drills and Sawzalls, the results are sometimes less than satisfactory.

A number of house bloggers were interviewed for this article, including myself. Many bloggers believe the reporter of the story, Jennifer Saranow, misrepresented herself.

The reporter told me she was writing a story about such work parties. People helping people. That sort of thing. When I described the plaster party to her on the phone, she expressed the usual polite surprise that people still help each other like that.

Then the reporter admitted the story was not a feel-good story about people helping their neighbors. It was a story about people throwing renovation parties to save money and inviting inexperienced friends over to mix alcohol with demolition – friends who ended up screwing things up or getting injured.’s account of the story is pretty good. I recommend reading the whole thing.

I was contacted via my blog, but I took several weeks to get back to the reporter. By the time she had interviewed me, I think she pretty much had the story written and didn’t dig too much. I did have a demolition part with plenty of beer but there was no excitement like some drunken friend taking out the wrong wall. I’m not mentioned in the story.