Helipads Banned In Scottsdale

I guess this sucks if you have a helicopter and live in Scottsdale. The advantage of owning a helicopter is you can live pretty far away.

Only a handful of residents have commuted via helicopter since then, but planners said that they feared more helicopters would start hovering since street traffic is so congested. About three years ago, some homeowners began complaining about noise from heli-commuting neighbors.

Another Bear Sighting In Rio Rancho

A bear was sighted near North Hills in Rio Rancho. So far I find no reports that it was found.

A black bear weighing 90 to 100 pounds was spotted this morning around 8 a.m. near Unser and Cherry Road and was last seen heading in a northwesterly direction around 8:30 this morning heading in the direction of Colinas del Norte Elementary School on 23rd Avenue, Rio Rancho Department of Public Safety spokesman John Francis tells us.

I’m sure it was heading toward the school to eat the children. Isn’t that what bears do?

The City Of Rio Rancho Terminates Azulstar Contract

The City of Rio Rancho has canceled it’s contract with Azulstar for free (and fee based) city wide wi-fi access. According to the Albuquerque Journal (annoying ad viewing required), Azulstar owes the city $33,000 in electricity charges and continues to rack up the charges.

The letter, dated Sept. 20, said the wireless company failed to honor terms of the contract regarding payment for electricity charges, providing a satisfactory business plan and proof of its financial ability to offer continued service in the city of Rio Rancho.

There is always Road Runner Wireless, which is not sponsored by the city. Of course, their website looks like it was designed in 1995. Tables are not for layout.

Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.

After the layoffs my job changed some. I am no longer on compressed work week and moved to first shift (not my choice). I lost pay in the process. I also am busier and have more responsibilities than before..

I am thankful to have my job.

I’ve got plenty of things going on, but not in the mood to write about it. Hopefully things change in a while.

Bomb Threats In Albuquerque

There’s been quite a few bomb threats around town lately.

  • 08/31/07 – I believe there have been several of these bank related bomb threats.

    Police are searching for a white male, about 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, who touched off the bomb scare shortly after 4 p.m. The suspect walked into a doctor’s office on Juan Tabo, strapped “suspicious devices” onto a doctor and the doctor’s assistant, then marched the two into the bank, Albuquerque police spokeswoman Trish Hoffman said.

  • 09/07/07 – Rio Rancho High School.

    Rio Rancho Department of Public Safety Spokesman John Francis said the bomb threat was called in to Rio Rancho’s 911 emergency line at about 7:40 a.m.

  • 09/09/07

    A bomb threat called into the Sandia Peak tram closed business for about an hour on Saturday as authorities searched the restaurant located at the bottom of the mountain for explosives. After an investigation of the building, no explosives were found. However, authorities now have the phone number used to make the bomb threat because the Tram had caller ID.