WikiScanner In New Mexico State Government

Wikiscanner is a tool to determine who is anonymously editing Wikipedia. Well, not the specific person but what organization the IP address belongs to. For example, the tool shows that some one from Exxon made favorable edits to a entry about the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

The Santa Fe New Mexican checked to see what edits were being made by state employees.

But I was disappointed. Doing a WikiScanner search of the name “State of New Mexico,” with the location of Santa Fe, I found relatively little activity from state computers related to politicos.

Most of the edits by state employees appear to be unrelated to politics. No scandal here, move along.

Bizarre TSA Freeze Command

Boing Boing had this today

I walked from the arrival gate towards baggage claim, and when I was about halfway there, all of a sudden about a dozen or more TSA personnel and private security staff appeared, shouting STOP WHERE YOU ARE. FREEZE. DO NOT MOVE. Not just at me, but all of the travelers who happened to be wandering through the hallway at that moment.

I made a comment on that post that the exact same thing happened to me.

This happened to me when i was in PDX a few weeks ago. I was leaving the secured area after getting off a plane, i was near the screeners but not yet through. The TSA people started yelling and did the same thing you described and had everyone freeze.

It only lasted a few minutes for me.

My tax dollars at work. Whatever.

Rapid Weaver Continues To Piss… Me.. Off…

Rapid Weaver 3.6 has some great features. Enough to make me switch. I soon found out it had so bugs, specifically it would publish the enitre site instead of just the changes, even when I select “publish changes.” 3.6.1 & 3.6.2 were suppose to address this, I think. For me no dice. 3.6.2 was worse, it would crash while trying to publish anything.

Rapid Weaver 3.6.3 Beta seemed to finally fix both of these issues. I used it for a while and now it started crashing again. What the hell

I submitted bug reports and I hope they help, but I’ve had to switch back to 3.6.0.


Crime Down 30% In Sandoval County

Good news if you live in Sandoval County, crime is down 30% according to KOB TV. Sandoval county is where Rio Rancho resides. Albuquerque resides in Bernalillo County. In a unrelated note, the Town of Bernalillo is also in Sandoval county.

Speaking of crime, has a nifty city crime rate comparison tool. Holy crap if Albuquerque doesn’t have a severely high crime rate. It’s not just higher than Rio Rancho but higher than just about every city I compare it to.


Follow Up On The Burgers Laced With Pot

Last October, New Mexico made the news when officers in Los Lunas received burgers from Burger King laced with Pot. The employee that did it blames the manager

“The manager had told me to put weed on the burgers,” said Robert Nuckols. “He didn’t tell me who it was for, didn’t bother telling me at all. His friends were there that night helping us clean.”

So… that makes it OK?

For The H*ll Of It Is Now Greg In The Desert

I have a actual domain name for the site now, For The H*ll Of It was never meant to be the permanant name of the site, but I wanted to wait till I had a domain name before I changed it. I think this one is a little more personal. It’s taken a longer than I expected, but thanks to .mac now having domain name support I’m able to do this.

If your reading this via the RSS feed, you shouldn’t need to do anything. The site is in a new directory now so I will have to generate redirect pages in the old location.

Albuquerque School Police Don't Get Guns, All Get Sick From Holding Breath

The APS Police (they call them police not security?) had a sick out today because they APS policy committee recommended that they not get to carry around guns. So, they all felt that Albuquerque school children would be much safer if the people who are suppose to protect them were all home sick, or if they had guns.


Update: Here’s a post on Duke City Fix from Johnny Mango on this subject.