A look At How Houses Are Built In Israel

Friends of mine are moving to Israel for a few years. They will be living in a newly built house during that time. Although they are living in a relative safe area, the houses are built to withstand an assault. Here are some interesting things to note about the construction (and a few pictures).

  • The house has an alarm system.
  • Some windows have a metal shutter system. Others have a roll down protection system.
  • The windows and doors all appear to be heavy duty in design and made of metal.
  • According to my friend, “By law, every new house in Israel has to have a security room – lockable from inside and airtight.”
  • “All houses and building here are made out of concrete – this is good for shelling protection as well as taking advantage of cooling.”
  • “This means all interior walls are also concrete.”
  • “I think they simply tile everything they want tiled, then smooth the walls with plaster and paint it.”

Interesting how a constant threat of a terrorist attack dictates the building materials and design of housing. I assume that there aren’t a lot of McMansions there either.

Side of the house. Nothing too unusual looking here

north side yard

Safe room. I guess you fill it full of important papers, food and guns

safe room

Metal security shutters. Where can I get these in the US?

secuirty shutters

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