iTunes 7.3: The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-50)

iTunes 7.3.1 is suppose to fix this issue.

iTunes 7.3: The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-50)

I would not recommend downloading iTunes 7.3 unless you absolutely need to. I was greeted to this error: “The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-50)” after iTunes attempts to upgrade the library. It seems every version of iTunes has some problem or another after install, but this is the first time I’ve had some such error.

Apple’s message board indicates that many people on Mac OS X and Windows are having the problem. I see a few people who have a large library and have the library on a external hard drive as I do, but it’s not clear that this is the cause. What seems to be the cause is some sort of permissions issue. Possibly. Hopefully Apple gets this one fixed soon.

Update 07/01/07 10:54 AM: There’s suggestions to use this Apple tech note to recreate your library. The only problem with this tech note is it will delete any customizations in the library, like ratings and playcounts. I’m going to revert my install to iTunes 7.2 until Apple comes out a fix.

Update 07/02/07 12:29 PM: MaxFixIt is covering the iTunes error now. They have several suggestions including checking for iTunes add ons, Disabling APE for iTunes and restarting in safe mode. I tired all the suggestions and none of them worked. I’m going to play with Tiger Cache Cleaner and see if it will clean up anything.

Update 08/02/07 5:55 PM: Fixed! I removed most of my podcasts, most of them were video podcasts. Once of them must have been screwed up in the iTunes database.

Update 07/06/07 3:49 PM: I re subscribed to some of the podcasts, video and audio, since deleting them all. So far there’s been no problem with any of them. They are syncing with my AppleTV and my iPod. I didn’t add them all though. There maybe some that I didn’t add that maybe causing the problem.

If you don’t like the idea of deleting all of your podcasts, try deleting a few at a time. Starting with the video podcasts. Be sure you delete the whole podcast, not just the individual episodes.

A look At How Houses Are Built In Israel

Friends of mine are moving to Israel for a few years. They will be living in a newly built house during that time. Although they are living in a relative safe area, the houses are built to withstand an assault. Here are some interesting things to note about the construction (and a few pictures).

  • The house has an alarm system.
  • Some windows have a metal shutter system. Others have a roll down protection system.
  • The windows and doors all appear to be heavy duty in design and made of metal.
  • According to my friend, “By law, every new house in Israel has to have a security room – lockable from inside and airtight.”
  • “All houses and building here are made out of concrete – this is good for shelling protection as well as taking advantage of cooling.”
  • “This means all interior walls are also concrete.”
  • “I think they simply tile everything they want tiled, then smooth the walls with plaster and paint it.”

Interesting how a constant threat of a terrorist attack dictates the building materials and design of housing. I assume that there aren’t a lot of McMansions there either.

Side of the house. Nothing too unusual looking here

north side yard

Safe room. I guess you fill it full of important papers, food and guns

safe room

Metal security shutters. Where can I get these in the US?

secuirty shutters

New Mexico Produced Rain Barrells On Today Show

Lisa Ayres, founder of Arid Solutions Inc., has been asked by Joe Lamp’l, host of “Fresh From the Garden” on the DIY Network to send some of her rain barrels to the set of the weekend edition of the Today Show for a segment he is doing on eco-friendly gardening. The segment is slated to run nationally on July 8. Programming information for the local NBC television affiliate, KOB-TV, Channel 4, indicates the broadcast of the Today Show in KOB’s New Mexico markets might be pre-empted by coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.