Yay! Indiana Jones Picture From Indy 4

Harrison Ford as Indy

Picture from Flickr of Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones 4 movie. It’s being filmed in Deming, New Mexico. From the picture page:

FIrst glimpse of Indy since 1989.

Photo shot on set by Stephen Spielberg. uploaded to flicr for use in a danish langauge blog post 🙂 More info about the shot here: indianajones.com/community/news/news20070621.html

20 Replies to “Yay! Indiana Jones Picture From Indy 4”

  1. Sean Connery is not going to appear as far as I understand. Harrison told everyone that if he wasn’t allowed to use the whip he would walk away from the project and since Lucas and Spielberg pretty much sits on Hollywood my guess is that he’ll be whipping away. 🙂

    And come on! The guy is 65! He looks great. It would be lame if the movie was set in the 30’ies as the old ones but Indy 4 is set in the 50’ies as far as I know. The character will be around Harrisons age.

  2. I’ve seen recent photos of Ford and most of them are far from flattering. But then I think that was the point – they were in tabloids – so they wanted to make him look bad.

    But he probably hasn’t been in great physical shape for a while, either.

    I bet by the time he gets himself in tip-top shape and by the time those editors get done touching up this film, he’ll look awesome.

    65 is really not that old. It used to be, but it seems like people who are 65 don’t look like they did even 20 years ago. Or maybe it’s just me being 20 years older.

    I just hope the plot is as good as any of the other three! That’s as big as anything. We don’t need any Star Wars prequels type plots or Beverly Hills Cop 3 plots!

  3. I gotta tell you I’m like a schoolboy! Can’t wait to see it. Indy was my hero as a kid. I had a hat like indy, a home made whip made of rope, a notebook with a rubber band around it like Indy. I recorded fight sounds from the movies on my tape recorder and acted them out… 🙂

    I can’t wait to see this! 🙂

  4. Well… It’s about the same for me. This character is an inspiration, with strong values to which you can relate. And he’s so human ^ ^

    I got the notebook, and the shoulder-belt bag… 🙂

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