Albuquerque Wants Free WiFi Citywide

The Mayor of Albuquerque wants free WiFi for everyone in the city.

a two-tiered wireless Internet signal covering the entire city that will support not just the basics of Web surfing, e-mail and the like, but phone service and video. Those two tiers are a free, 1 megabit signal for anyone and a premium service at 3 Mb for a “reasonable” cost.

Of course Comcast and Qwest don’t like it. I say screw ’em. Qwest especially doesn’t seem interested in offering extra services and Comcast would probably force everyone to pay $10/month for cable before you can use it. It’s the technical issues and money that will keep this from happening.

One wireless provider estimates it would cost $25 million and would require a access point on every building in the city, I think that’s overblown. They cite the problems that Rio Rancho has had completing it’s network. I thought Rio Rancho had completed it’s network.

I hope they try it anyways. I could use some free wifi when I have to drive into Albuquerque

Don't Fall For The Free Puppy Scam

Puppy scams are popping up in Arizona online and print classified ads, where the seller appears to be local and offers free English bulldogs or Yorkshire terriers. But when contacted by email, the seller says he or she is in Africa on a religious mission and promises to ship the dog overnight for a few hundred dollars.

Uh, that’s enough right there to raise the red flag on me. If I Couldn’t pick up the animal in person, then forget it. Apparently some people are not quite so savvy. savvy?


Poetry At Turtle Mountian

Join us for the inaugural poetry open mike in Rio Rancho at the Turtle Mountain Brewing Company ( 3755 Southern Boulevard ) on Monday June 4th, 2007 at 8 PM.

This will be the beginnings of a new reading in Rio Rancho, so all the help we can get the better.

Not my thing, but cool anyways. Link.

UFO Themepark To Be Built In UFO Capitol Roswell, NM

It could happen only in Roswell. City officials want to help build a UFO-themed amusement park, complete with an indoor roller coaster that would take passengers on a simulated alien abduction. he park could open as early as 2010. The city has received a $245,000 legislative appropriation for initial planning, but the park would be privately built and managed. Requests for proposals will be advertised next month. City Planner Zach Montgomery said the project will cost “several hundred millions of dollars,” but a more accurate figure hasn’t been determined. A roller coaster similar to the one proposed by Temmer is currently under construction at another theme park for almost $100 million, Montgomery said.

Roswell considers a UFO-themed amusement park

Rapid Weaver 3.6 Is Released And I'm Switching

Rapid Weaver 3.6 was released today with some significant improvements. One of which is multiple categories in the blogging module. I won’t go into the whole list here so check out the MacUpdate page.

I’ve been watching the development of RW for a while and I think it’s good enough to use as my Blogging platform. Unfortunately there’s no way for me to import the 1300+ entries I had my Blosxom blog. It’s also missing a few other things that Blosxom can do, but does a lot of things it can’t.

A link to the old site is here until I can figure out a way to import the entires. The RSS feed should remain the same.