1928 Studebaker Dictator $7500

1928 Studebaker DictatorOn Craigslist from Carlsbad, NM. Listed as “Very rare 1928 Studebaker Dictator. Partially restored, original 1928 upholstery. Does run! $7,500 obo.” Looks great!

Framing, Matting, And Hanging A Picture For Cheap

Grab a beer and learn how to do your own custom framing work for a quarter of the cost of taking it to a pro.  We walk you step-by-step through finding mat board and frames on the cheap, cutting your own mat, and mounting your material the easy way.

Toolmonger One Beer Projects: Framing, Matting, And Hanging A Picture For Cheap.

Direct download of podcast.

Rio Rancho High School Graduation

I’m trying to think back to my own graduation 15 years ago. It was held at the high school football field and I think there was a limit of how many people I could attend, something like 5 people (the class was 2000 people (update: 2000 is the total number of students in the school that year)). The Rio Rancho High School graduation is in some controversy due to the 8 person limit imposed when the school moved the ceremony to the Santa Anna Star Center. It was previously held at the “Pit” in Albuquerque.

The Santa Ana Star Center, which opened in November, will hold 5,500 of the graduates’ family and friends, while the The Pit held 11,000 for the ceremony last year, said Bill Duncan, Rio Rancho High activities director.

One thing that is annoying me is the woman I’ve seen on the news several times who complains that she cannot take all 50 of her relatives (she has a blog rioranchogradsunite.blogspot.com) to see her kid graduate. The Albuquerque Tribune says another person is upset because she ordered 40 invitations. Even if it was held at the Pit, there isn’t enough room for every kid to take that many people.

I know this is important to a lot of people and I don’t have a kid who is graduating nor 50 relatives that would come out for it even if I did. It appears that the school is willing to accommodate a reasonable amount of people (this problem isn’t unique to Rio Rancho High School). I feel it’s better to have the graduation in Rio Rancho, where the school is. I also feel that parents should be reasonable.

April Snow Shower

What a better way to start spring in New Mexico than with a snow storm. It’s actually coming down pretty good right now. It’s not sticking though, and it’s barley making the ground wet.

Talk about bizarre weather.

Spaceport America Taxes Approved

New Mexico tax payers want to pay for Spaceport America. Las Cruces Sun-News – All votes are tallied, but still unofficial

LAS CRUCES — All votes have now been tallied in this week’s spaceport tax election. Doña Ana County voters approved the tax, with 9,020 voting in favor and 8,750 against. With almost 18,000 taking part in the election, 50.7 percent of voters were in favor of the tax while 49.3 were against. The vote count is unofficial until certified by county commissioners next Tuesday. The one-quarter of 1 percent increase in gross receipts tax will take effect Jan. 1. Proceeds from the tax will be used to help pay for construction of Spaceport America planned for a remote site in southern Sierra County.