Rio Rancho High School Graduation

I’m trying to think back to my own graduation 15 years ago. It was held at the high school football field and I think there was a limit of how many people I could attend, something like 5 people (the class was 2000 people (update: 2000 is the total number of students in the school that year)). The Rio Rancho High School graduation is in some controversy due to the 8 person limit imposed when the school moved the ceremony to the Santa Anna Star Center. It was previously held at the “Pit” in Albuquerque.

The Santa Ana Star Center, which opened in November, will hold 5,500 of the graduates’ family and friends, while the The Pit held 11,000 for the ceremony last year, said Bill Duncan, Rio Rancho High activities director.

One thing that is annoying me is the woman I’ve seen on the news several times who complains that she cannot take all 50 of her relatives (she has a blog to see her kid graduate. The Albuquerque Tribune says another person is upset because she ordered 40 invitations. Even if it was held at the Pit, there isn’t enough room for every kid to take that many people.

I know this is important to a lot of people and I don’t have a kid who is graduating nor 50 relatives that would come out for it even if I did. It appears that the school is willing to accommodate a reasonable amount of people (this problem isn’t unique to Rio Rancho High School). I feel it’s better to have the graduation in Rio Rancho, where the school is. I also feel that parents should be reasonable.

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  2. FTHOI,
    I come in peace and apologize ahead of time, Iím not trying to argue with you, just want to get you to realize there was much more that went on here.
    May I respectfully encourage you to really read the information at these web logs below carefully, and understand what really happened. Please look at the BIG picture taking everything into consideration.
    RRPS, lied about a lot of things during this process and were very unfair and disrespectful as well.
    Also, call Yvette at 994-XXXX, you refer to her in your thread/comment, and ask her why she stated how many tickets she needed. She has an excellent answer.
    Honestly, she has a reason for all this and you will find some of your conclusions are incorrect.
    In the beginning, only 6 tickets were being given out. Yvetteís and others efforts at least pushed it up to 8 tickets, cable feeds, the use of skyboxes, website feeds that did not work for everyone, cable feeds into the PAC and the gym at the high school.
    She and others helped more families then RR realizes, just by the fact they extended this above 6 tickets along with everything else noted confirmed the concerns were correct. Again, you would have to read everything
    Now I’m not saying call her and argue with her, don’t go in with any preconceived thoughts, and I apologize if I am prejudging you myself. I note this just by some of your comments; I donít feel you have all the facts.
    But her number is right on the blog; she is not hiding from anyone.
    Just call and talk to her, Iíd love to hear what you found out.
    The idea to hold the graduation in RR, has a long history, it would be nice if you could hear both sides of the coin, hear all of the facts, not just one side.
    I for one applaud RRPS for wanting the graduation in RR, and support it, but NOT HOW THEY IMPOSED IT for 2007.
    Thank you for allowing for a response.Edited By Siteowneri>

  3. Thanks for your comments (I edited the phone number in your post). I agree it wasn’t handled very well by the school.
    I attended RRHS graduation last year in the PIT and I attended this year in SASC. I though it was a lot smother and better organized than it was in the PIT.

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