USDTV Goes Out Of Business

USDTV was a service that gave out a set top box and sent cable channels over the air, using digital TV signals. Albuquerque was one of the few cities to have this service. They have announced the service is dead.

An Open Letter from USDTV

Dear USDTV Customers, Colleagues and Friends;

We are deeply saddened to inform you that we are ceasing operations and closing down the USDTV service. We are doing this after nearly four years of pioneering efforts to bring you a low-cost family friendly alternative to cable TV.

The closure is due to a funding withdrawal from our major investor, who has experienced a financial setback in another business.

We are giving you the option of keeping or returning your USDTV receiver.

We have made arrangements with a third party installation company to convert the USDTV set-top box so as to continue receiving free over-the-air local digital and high definition TV channels without the USDTV cable service.

For more information on the set-top box conversion or other items please visit:

We have made arrangements with other TV service providers to provide you with a special offer if you choose to subscribe to another service. Go to: Special TV Service Offer for more details.

If you have any questions please email us at:

We want to thank you for your loyalty and apologize for any inconvenience this closure may cause you or your family.

We also express appreciation to our colleagues and friends for their support and belief in us. They’ve helped our Utah-based team accomplish many historic firsts in the broadcasting industry. As a result thousands of you have enjoyed and benefited from the savings and family friendly programming USDTV provided.

Our passion was to help families save money on their cable TV bills and provide a service that had a higher quality of cable networks. We were and still are concerned about the increased availability of extremely violent and pornographic content now available on cable & satellite services.

Again, we thank you for your support and belief in us.


The USDTV Management Team


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