More Roofing Woes

IMG_8266.JPGAAAGHHHH. I woke up to this a few days ago, a roof tile had blown off in some winds. It wasn’t just this one, a whole bunch of them can be found around the property.

I don’t get it. After I made some repairs last year, they seemed to hold up. In fact it help up through hurricane force winds. I’m glad we just got winds and not rain. This weekend is suppose to be warm, I plan to get up there and make more more roof repairs.

[Update 3/9/07 12:50 PM] replaced the shingles today. I think I have discovered the failure mode. Some of the staples appear to be popping out. Even just a little bit of the staple popping out is enough to lift up the shingle, giving the wind something to grab onto. I inspected all the shingles and found several others that were sticking up. Removed those staples and replaced them with nails.

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