Welcome To The Disaster Area

The Governor has declared the state a disaster area, the national guard is on stand by. The snow has stopped falling after a record breaking snow fall, but the fun isn’t over. Currently, the humidity is 100% which means lots of nice and icy fog.

This one is over

Yet Another Snow Storm, Or Why I Have 4 Wheel Drive


Another snow storm has come through today and it’s coming down good. I had to drive in it this morning and are reminded why I bought four wheel drive. Of course, four wheel drive does give more control, it does not have keep you from stopping. Even with the four wheel drive I was slipping and sliding around.

I’m staying home for the rest of the day.

[Update 12/29/06 10:07 PM] I can’t believe it, its still snowing! Its been snowing non stop all day, I’ve got about 6 inches of the white stuff on my driveway. A freind called an said he was stuck in Las Vegas when his plane was diverted, earliest he will be here will be sunday.

[Update 12/30/06 12:18 AM] Apparently this is the most snow thats fallen at once in the Albuquerque area. It’s still snowing and has been since yesterday morning. Were looking at another 12-18 hours.

City Manager Canned

I’ve been thinking and saying out loud that the City Manager should be fired. Mainly for things like Unser Road and other such things going on in Rio Rancho. Loos like I’m not the only one as City Manager Jim Palenick was canned by the City Council. KRQE reported on it and so did the Citizens Media Group.

Palenick’s management style alienated some on staff, and two department heads had threatened to resign, including Rob Anderson, director of development services. Anderson had followed Palenick from Bay City, Mich., where Palenick had been fired from his job as city manager in August 2002.

Hopefully we will see some better planing around here with the next guy.

Revenue Generating Traffic Trap

It looks like the City of Rio Rancho is resorting to traffic enforcement dirty tricks to generate revenue. Just south of Southern Blvd, on NM 528 there is a left turn lane, it will take you onto Peggy Rd and give you access to local businesses like McDonalds and Burger King.

There is a posted sign indicated that you are not to turn during the hours of 4 to 6pm, rush hour traffic time. This seems reasonable considering that NM 528 is pretty packed during rush hours. What happens if you didn’t see the sign? There’s nothing there to physically keep you from turing into this lane. What happens is you will likely be greeted by the Rio Rancho Police on Peggy Road, waiting to hand you a ticket.

The reason I consider this a dirty trick: if they were really interested in traffic enforcement and preventing people from turing here they would sit at the turn lane, keeping cars from turing. They are instead waiting for cars to turn and issuing tickets. I don’t know about every case but the cases I do know of there were no warning issued. Somebody prove me wrong.

ABQ Uptown Doing Well

A article notes that the stores in ABQ Uptown are doing extremely well, some of the top sellers in the nation. ABQ Uptown is the fancy-pants outdoor mall which has fancy-pants upscale stores. You know it’s fancy-pants because it’s got an Apple Store, which only builds in fancy-pants malls.

Speaking of the Apple Store they mention that they did $38,000 in sales in the first hours. I don’t know if that’s good for a Apple Store but it’s sure a lot of computers. I couldn’t be there for it’s first hour, which really sucks, but others did and it was a typical opening with people lining up around the corner.

What Happnened To Jessica Kartalija?

Jessica was the local, hot, news reporter on channel 2 and channel 4 here in Albuquerque. She’s in Baltimore now. Looks like she’s going to be in the transformer’s movie too!

Jessica Kartalija joined the WJZ 13 Eyewitness News team during the summer of 2006 as general assignment reporter, and weekend morning news anchor with Tim Williams.