First Snow


It’s snowing and it’s cold. Cold enough to keep the snow sticking to the street. Glad I don’t have to drive in the morning.

Water Main Break On The News

Some people in a Rio Rancho neighborhood hit by a water main break on Sunday are saying that the city isn’t doing its part to assure that they have clean, drinkable water. “It’s just getting really old,” said Renee Popovich, a homeowner near Rockaway and Pyrite in northeast Rio Rancho. “We’re not getting any support from the city to provide at least drinking water for the residents.” Popovich said that her children had to spend the night with friends so they had water to get ready for school on Monday morning. The break carved out a mini arroyo in front of several homes leaving people unable to back their cars out of their driveways. Rio Rancho officials say that they are aware of the problem and have recently removed asphalt over the water main in preparation for repairing the faulty pipes, which have failed several times in recent months.

The city came and fixed the water main break in front of my house pretty quickly. This break seems much worse than mine which might be part of the problem. Perhaps the city should do a better job of communicating to the residents the problems in fixing this and how long it’s going to take so it doesn’t end up on the news. Just sayin’.

Can't Vote For People Not In Your District

Election officials in Santa Fe, Taos and elsewhere in Northern New Mexico are fielding complaints from early voters who are upset they can’t cast a ballot in the caustic congressional race between Heather Wilson and Patricia Madrid.Residents of those areas must endure televised attack advertisements aired by the candidates on Albuquerque stations, but the 1st Congressional District where Wilson faces Madrid is limited to the Albuquerque area, Torrance County and parts of Sandoval and Valencia counties.”We’ve had hundreds of calls from people who’ve completely forgotten about Tom Udall,” said Denise Lamb, head of the Santa Fe County Bureau of Elections.

Funny stuff.