When Does It Become A Infestation?

Scorpion #4

A few nights ago I found scorpion number 4. After vacuuming him up I quickly found scorpion number 5. I’ve seen 5 more scorpions in the last month than I have seen in my life, and I’ve lived in Arizona and New Mexico all my life.

I hope this is just a natural reaction to the rain we have had. I put down some glue traps a few days ago and so far no hits. I also haven’t seen any bugs, except for a few crickets, in a few days.

6 Replies to “When Does It Become A Infestation?”

  1. If my girlfriend sees this photo our pending move to Abq will be canceled on the spot.

    Please tell me that you infestation is an isolated case? Our dog eats crickets like popcorn…him scarfing one of these little buggers scares the hell out of me.

  2. I’ve since not seen any, not even a spider. I set out some glue traps and haven’t caught a thing. I have a friend in ABQ that says he at least one a year in his house.

    for the most part the only danger is if you step on one. They wont attack humans. They are also a predator of centipedes, which are just as common (and which I havent seen any).

  3. I think I found where these gys are coming from. Since I sealed up the door way from the garage to the kitchen I haven’t had a single one. For that matter the number of bugs and spiders over all has decreased.

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