Oops, Jim Owens Fails To Mention Felony Abuse Charge

DukeCityFix covers the former mayor of Rio Rancho’s little predicament.

It seems that state legislative candidate (District 60) and former Rio Rancho Mayor Jim Owen failed to mention his 2001 felony child abuse charges in campaign questionnaires over the years.

The charge was related to corporal punishment and he may have been set up. None the less he’s been a little dodgy by not reporting it while running for the legislature. This sort of thing is always going to come out. He should have just mentioned if regardless of the technicalities of the language.

September Fire

September Fire

The weather in New Mexico has changed from Summer to Winter nearly overnight. Not really giving the usual transition period to winterize the swamp cooler and get the heater started. Tonight, weather.com says that we the temperature, with the wind, feels like 43 degrees.

Tonight I enjoy a alcoholic beverage while setting next to the fire and watching some TV as the wind blows outside. Not so bad really.

When Does It Become A Infestation?

Scorpion #4

A few nights ago I found scorpion number 4. After vacuuming him up I quickly found scorpion number 5. I’ve seen 5 more scorpions in the last month than I have seen in my life, and I’ve lived in Arizona and New Mexico all my life.

I hope this is just a natural reaction to the rain we have had. I put down some glue traps a few days ago and so far no hits. I also haven’t seen any bugs, except for a few crickets, in a few days.

AMREP Has Record Quarter

I guess you could say that AMREP owned most of Rio Rancho at some point. They basically started Rio Rancho, the first house I bought here was made by AMREP. Thankfully they are out of the house building market.

Their latest financial report is a good indicator that the real estate marked hasn’t slowed down that much here.

Revenues of the Company’s AMREP Southwest real estate subsidiary were $37,092,000 in the first quarter of 2007 compared to $7,689,000 in the same quarter last year. This substantial revenue increase was primarily due to increased sales of both developed and undeveloped lots in AMREP Southwest’s principal market of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, where interest in the Company’s landholdings did not appear to be impacted by the slowdown in housing that has been reported in many parts of the country.

Civilization Creaps Into Rio Rancho

It’s a pain in the ass to do just about anything in Rio Rancho, because you can’t actually do much in Rio Rancho. You have to go into Albuquerque. Now I’m getting a 14 screen movie theater right down the road from my house. I was hoping for a Home Depot to be build there, but I will take what I can get.

Drew Dolan, a project coordinator with Argus, said plans include a strip mall with 8,500 square feet of retail space to be developed with the theater. Site plans also include another sit-down restaurant, fast food offerings and an auto services provider, he said.