Free Zooomer Accounts

Zooomer is a photo sharing site built off the same APIs as Flickr, but is being much more aggressive at adding features. They are now giving away free pro accounts to bloggers, all one has to do is post a picture from Zooomer (as I have below).

IMG_7230IMG_7230Hosted on Zooomr

I already paid for a 2 years of pro accounts on Flickr, should I switch?

[Update] Doesn’t look like I will be switching, Zooomer only allows bloggers that own their own domain to sign up for a free account, when I put my blog in I get the message, “Uh-Oh! The blog url that you gave us belongs to another member on Zooomr!”

[Update] OK so I over reacted. I needed to post a pic from my account, not just any old pic. My bad, sorry Zooomer. SO Here’s a picture I uploaded.

One Reply to “Free Zooomer Accounts”

  1. Hi there, thanks for taking the time to use Zooomr!
    Briefly, you’re getting the above error message not because some sort of elitism, but because you are logged-in with an account that does not match the account that owns the Zooomr photos on this page.
    Regardless, I have taken the time to personally upgrade your account to Pro and hope to see many more of your wonderful photos up on Zooomr.
    Best and more anon,
    Kristopher Tate
    cto & founder — bluebridge tech / zooomr

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