My First Scorpion


In the ten years I’ve lived in New Mexico I’ve heard about people finding scorpions in their houses. I’ve never seen any, not in my house or even outdoors. I was quite surprised to see this guy out in the open, in the middle of the night.

I don’t think this particular scorpions is unusually large or small, seems to be about average from what I have seen. I gotta admit, it’s got me a little jittery. I know all the clutter I have around here just provides a place for critters like this to live. There’s one other thing that I haven’t seen that others have, centipedes. As long as I find them before they find me.

Eclipse Gets FAA Approval

Eclipse Aviation Corp., the Albuquerque manufacturer of the Eclipse 500 very light jet (VLJ), received provisional certification from the Federal Aviation Administration today. The company expects to receive full certification by Aug. 30. That will enable it to start delivering its Eclipse 500s to customers.

This is good news for the job market here as Eclipse will be hiring more. It looks like Honda may be a competitor, as they are coming out with their own small jet. It’s not clear if it’s a VLJ class plane however.

Greedy Phone Company To Pay Up

I hate wired phone companies, which is why I don’t have a wired phone line. I’m very happy to hear that Qwest will have to pay up the money they were suppose to spend in the first place.

Gov. Bill Richardson, Attorney General Patricia Madrid and Qwest officials announced Wednesday that they have reached a settlement that would require the company to spend $265 million on New Mexico’s telecommunications system over a 42-month period.The settlement is the result of a long dispute between Qwest and the state Public Regulation Commission over a 2001 agreement that required the company to spend $788 million on the telecommunications system over five years.But the company’s spending came up about $220 million short, and the commission ordered it to spend the full amount by March 2006 or refund the money to its customers. The company sued, saying the commission did not have the authority to make the order, but the state Supreme Court sided with the PRC last month.

New Arena Progress

The ice floor is taking shape and soon the chiller will be connected to the building. For hockey fans this is one of the truest signs that the hockey drought is almost over. Season ticket holders can even see the seating bowl and picture their view of the Scorpions beating the competition. Come this October, anyone attending a Scorpions game will have a great view of the ice surface no matter where they sit. No more posts or pillars obstructing the view.

A article on the status os the Santa Anna Star Center

Sprinkler Project Update

IMG_7495.JPGRemember that sprinkler project I took a while back, back in March as a matter of fact. I had planned to only take a few weeks to complete it. Here it is 4 months later and it’s still not done.

I did make some progress. I have the valve box installed, vaves installed and one of the two lines hooked up. All I need to do is install the 2nd line and leak test and I can burry everything.

OK, so I admit that general laziness has slowed the project. I’m also going to blame the weather. We’ve had so much rain that the 24 inch trench has filled up with water to the top. There hasn’t been that much time in between rains to let the ground dry up, and I don’t want be playing in the mud. Depending on how the weather cooperates I plan to make this a priority again.

Valle Vidal Protection Act

The Valle Vidal Protection Act is scheduled for a vote Monday in the U.S. House of Representatives, the office of U.S. Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., said Friday. The bill would ban oil and natural-gas drilling on 102,000 acres of Northern New Mexico’s high-mountain valleys and forests, an area controlled by the U.S. Forest Service.

Wondering what this is all about? It’s about protecting some the of most incredible outdoor areas in New Mexico. Some would like to just strip off all that eye candy and get to the natural resources underneath, thankfully there are a lot of people that want to protect it.

No. 56

Rio Rancho rises on list of best places to live

Rio Rancho ranks No. 56 on Money magazine’s list of the 100 best small cities to live.The Sandoval County city improved on its ranking of No. 83 in 2005.Money magazine’s Web site said it was looking for small, livable cities with a mix of good jobs and schools, low crime, open space and “rational home prices.”Rio Rancho’s median annual family income is $57,562 and its median home price is $150,024, the magazine said. It ranked the city’s property crime risk as 33 and its personal crime risk at 50 out of national averages of 100.The rankings released Monday gave the top spot to Fort Collins, Colo.