Remodeling Continues

IMG_0003An attempt this weekend to repair my leaking bathroom resulted in new stuff. First we tried to fix the leaking sink, only to find it so old and corroded that it was better to replace it. I had planned to replace it at some point and I really didn’t like the double-ugly cabinet. That’s how I got the pedestal sink along with the new faucet.

Time to tackle the toilet, but pretty much the same thing. Old, corroded and ugly. Initally I was worried the new 1.6 gallon toilet would not flush as well as the old 5 gallon, but I’m happy to report that it is doing a fine job. I also upgraded to a nice padded seat.

I also removed the old, ugly, cheap-ass cabinet that was hanging above the toilet. I replaced the square mirror with this combo round mirror and medicine cabinet. I don’t care for the way it sticks out of the wall but i am happy with the look. Total trips to Home Depot for the project: 4.


2 Replies to “Remodeling Continues”

  1. One thing you could do, which always looks nice, is just hang a mirror, rather than a cabinet, with a glass shelf underneath to hold some of the cabinet type stuff. and then hang a simple cabinet on another wall that would hold the stuff you don’t want people to see.
    or…is it possible to recess the cabinet so that it doesn’t stick out as much? I think the mirrored door certainly looks nice.

  2. When I get ready for stage 2, which includes different wall coverings and flooring, I will put a inset cabinet. I also like your suggestion of putting a shelf under the mirror.

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